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  • Server response time is the amount of time required to load the HTML document of any website from a server so that the client can begin rendering the page. The faster your server response time is, the more likely users will stay on your page for a longer period.

  • Title, description, and heading tags are the most important factors of SEO for any website. Correct SEO title, description, heading, and preview Google SERP result. Optimize important keywords of the page to rank better on SERP.

  • Scan all internal and external links, HTML, CSS, and javascript files and repair all broken links before it hurts your SEO. The main purpose of the website SEO audit is to optimize all these kinds of stuff for improving your site ranking.

  • Small size images help to load your site faster and increase organic traffic. Alt attributes help search engines to identify the images. Images and their attributes are the key factors of SEO.

  • Resolve all your On-Page and Off-Page SEO issues with a quick how-to-fix guide. Understand every SEO check with the help guide. Follow the recommendations and fix all the issues in just a minute.

SEO audit tool

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SEO monitor tool
  • Check all the status code of the link present on the page. Get instant email alert in your inbox when the 404 error page found. Quick to repair before you start losing valuable customers.

  • Audit every single page of your site with a website SEO checker tool through SEO monitor automation. Find the pages that bring more traffic to your site. Optimize every page title, description, headings, keywords, and speed to increase ranking in SERP.

  • Integrate your Google analytics and webmaster tool to deeply analyze every aspect of your site to increase organic traffic. Analyze all traffic sources, Google Indexed pages, and the keywords that are getting most organic traffic.

  • Get an email alert immediately if any problem found on your site related to SEO, speed, and security. Forget about checking and optimizing SEO for every day. Initialize site monitoring and leave the rest of everything on use.

  • Choose a website monitoring interval according to your wish. Crawl your website in an hour, every 24 hours or a week. Prefer the crawl interval that suits you.

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