Founder & CEO

Hey! I am Anand Pal creator of Afterush. You may be thinking what is afterush. Here we go with my story

Reason for creating afterush

I love business but maintaining an online business, reaching the targeted customer, understanding the demands, sales and so on are very overwhelming for sometimes

We found digital marketing becomes very hard for many peoples. Most people struggle with marketing which shows an effect on their business.

AI can help your business and make you free to live your life

Afterush build on Artificial Intelligent ( AI ).

We at the beginning stage but want to solve the real problems.

Afterush can change the way of maintaining of your website and digital marketing with the help of Artificial intelligent.

Grow your business with Afterush

Want to get first hand on AI

    Digital Marketing with AI

    Inbuilt Assistant

    An inbuilt assistant can help your business like any other ordinary person. AI assistant can reduce time and energy spend on your tasks. It can also lower the cost of your business. It always there to help your business 24/7

    Automate Task

    AI can help your business to automate your task and saves lots of time. AI get to know your audience better, Improve customer experiance, boost productivity, Increase return on investment

    Predict future

    Future predictions become very easy with AI. You can predict your marketing campaign results, website traffic, and performance. AI enables to understand your business and customers in an effective and efficient ways

    Understand Your Audience Better

    A customer is the most important person in your business. Do you understand your customers? AI can help in understanding your customers. Find what your customer's needs are, what they want and when they want

    Improves User Experience

    You can attract more customers by proving the best services and experience. AI can help you in this area. You can integrate chatbots, suggest quality recommendations, improve retargeting strategies, predict audience behavior, interest

    Increase Productivity

    AI can boost your level of productivity by 100x. It can help you in content creation, search optimization, predictive analytics, sales forecasts, personalize user experience

    Increases ROI

    Every business wants to have a profit at the end of the year. AI helps to increase your profits by generating more leads, an effective suggestion for your business, prediction for the better campaign, customer service and support. All this is possible with the help of AI

    More Effective Marketing

    Digital Marketing can go to the next level with the help of AI. It can analyze your data and predict the buying and decision-making behavior of your target audience. You can understand your audience and can provide what they want

    Feel Power of AI

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      Afterush In Future


      As AI is capturing the world in every field. We wanted to solve the business problems with the help of Artificial intelligent. Whatever you can imagine for your business that can be turned into reality with the help of AI


      According to us, AI is the future of digital marketing and online businesses. AI can take any businesses and marketing at the next level. AI brings speed and simplicity to your work and can increase your sales and revenue in the upcoming years


      AI just started shaping our future. We know that we will take time to become experts in digital marketing with AI. But we don't know the meaning of "impossible" and never learned to give up. We are always ready to stand for your customers to provide better support and services for their businesses

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