You have a business and you want to boost your social media presence. isn’t it?

If your answer is yes.


Then, you have landed at the right place.


According to Statista,

In 2018, 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide and the number is still rising, expected to reach almost 3.1 billion in 2021.



Everyone is on social media in 2020.

It becomes very hard for everyone to capture the spotlight on these platforms.


To increase your reach, followers, and to stand in a spotlight you need some structure, strategy, techniques, and tricks to differentiate your brand from others.


So that you never struggle to gain the follower, capture the attention of your user, and build an amazing loyal audience who should be dedicated to your brand.


Take a look at these 11 unique ideas that can boost the social media presence of your business on social media platforms.


Let’s begin the show.



Publish high-quality content


The first reason why we are on the internet is because of content.

We all consume content and everywhere is content in the form of articles, images, videos, audios, infographics, etc.


And social media is a platform where people engage with each other content.


Publish high quality content
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The content that has high quality, very much informative, and provides value to people.

Those content are more shared, retweeted, pinned and that brand gets more recognition.


High-quality content is a kind of magnet that attracts the audience to itself.

These are a few examples of how high-quality content looks.


Example 1:


Example of high quality content
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Example 2:


Another example of high quality content
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These are high-quality content that the audience loves to engage with, and share more with others.

You can measure any content as it is high-quality content or not by checking all these ingredients present in it.


  • It has to be mixed content such as images, videos, infographics, charts, screenshots, and so on.
  • It should be well-researched content.
  • It should have an eye-catching title.
  • It should be SEO optimized


These are the few checkpoints that ensure your content is high-quality or not.

The simple reason for publishing high-quality content on your social media profiles are.



  • Build trust and authority, helping content always shows that you care for other peoples.


  • Improve SEO, high-quality content leads to more shares, retweets, and tagging. All these indicate people love your content, search engines want to show your content more on search result pages.


  • Drive traffic, most of your website gets traffic from social media platforms.



These are a few reasons why you should publish high-quality content on social media.

Increase the reach of your audience and boost social media presence.



Schedule your content


Your audience presents 24/7 on the social media platform.

Some of your audience present in the morning, afternoon, or evening.


You can’t available for each of your audiences when they are active on the platform.


This is why the reach of your post or content becomes less.

Because you don’t know at what time your audience is more active on social media platforms.


Which leads to less post reach, fewer shares, no comments, and retweets.

But you can stop all this happening with content scheduling.


Schedule your content
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Source: SproutSocial


You can use different social media scheduling tools to schedule your content.

And the reason for scheduling your content is.


  • Publish on multiple platforms at one go
  • Automatically schedule post at the best time
  • Use the calendar to schedule your content on a specific date and time
  • Analyze every post with social media analytics


Schedule your content  with tools
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This is how you can schedule your content in one go at all social media platform that is publishable right away, post at a custom time or post at the best time.


The real benefits of scheduling your content are.


  • You can be active on social media platforms 24/7.
  • Reach all your audience at the best time when they are active.
  • Spend more time creating better content.
  • Less distraction.
  • Schedule your post one month ahead.


This is the overall point of scheduling your content on social media platforms.



Be consistent


Social media is for consistent players.

Consistency is the key to success on social media platforms.


When you are active and engage with your audience daily on social media then you connect with your audience, build relationships, and trust with them.


Consistency leads your brand in front of your audience every single day.

To build a relationship with anyone you have to be consistent, you can’t accept anyone to like your brand if they don’t know your brand.


According to Statista, we spend 2 hours a day on social media.


Suppose you post once a week, then the rest of the days your audience may forget about your brand and your previous work and trust you build with your audience that may also vanish from their mind.


Be consistent on social media
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Being consistent and posting regularly keep your audience engage with your brand and provide different benefits such as.


  • Your brand gets more noticed.
  • Your brand becomes more popular among your audience.
  • Reach more people, get more shares, comments, and retweets.
  • Establish authority and trust


These are the few benefits of being consistent on social media platforms.

And can also boost your social media presence.



Interact with others


Engaging with your audience is the best method to know more and connect with them.

30% of people interact on social media more than 10 times per day by liking, posting, and sharing content.


Engagement gives a long term result as you do correctly.


Long term result means strengthening your relationship with your audience by direct or group communication, make them like and trust you more.


interact with others on social media
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Interact with your audience and help them to make your brand more authoritative and trustworthy.


Interaction with the audience is a very successful strategy for social media marketing.

Use these methods while you interact with your audience to connect more with them.


  • Be polite and kind
  • Ask questions
  • Have meaningful conversations
  • Always thank for their time


Use these points when you interact with your audience next time.



Use eye-catching visuals


We all share tons of content on social media platforms.


Every content is different from each other.

Content that is more liked and shared is visual. It has an undeniable power to attract any user to your content.


Most of the time user clicks on your content because of your attractive visual used for that content.




View this post on Instagram


#TheMandalorian and the Child 💫 Sketch by @Doug_Chiang.

A post shared by Star Wars (@starwars) on



It is estimated that 84% of communication is done by visual and the post that used images get 650% of higher engagement than a text-based post.


And 41.5% of marketers say that infographics perform better and more valuable than other forms of content.



Use eye catching visuals
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We all love images, infographics, and videos. And we love to share with others a lot.

This sharing of your content increases your social media presence automatically.




Social media is the place where everything changes as you scroll down the page.


Platforms like Twitter shows what’s happening in the world in realtime.

Every time you visit the platform you will notice everything is changing within minutes or hours.


That’s why social media trends also rarely stay the same.

These trends change each day and each month. This is how social media works.


Walk with trends with social media
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Always try to follow the trends to keep your audience up to date with the latest happenings in your industry.


Make your audience feel that they know you and you will be the first to keep them with the latest trend this leads to building a solid trust between you and the audience.


You can do these things to keep up with the trends.


  • Keep in touch with Mirco-influencers
  • Be active, engaging and social with your audience
  • Join groups to remain update
  • Subscribe authoritative blogs and publications
  • Follow hashtags


These are the few ways through which you can connect with more number of audience.

Because the first impression is the last.


Be first to get engage with your audience and your content will be rewarded with more likes, shares, comments, and reach.



Collaborate with influencers


The best way to increase your social media presence is by connecting with other people on social media platforms.


Collaboration is the fastest way to reach your targeted audience within your niche.

You can come into a partnership with other people who already have a solid audience.


This partnership or collaboration helps to extend the reach of your audience.


For example,



This show is a popular youtube collaboration by two different marketing companies, BuzzFeed and Purina.


Buzzfeed is a lead digital media company and Purina is pets food brand.

This collaboration results in 19 million views on youtube in 2014.


And this becomes a successful video that shows the power of collaboration of a marketing website and an animal can have.


These are the few reasons why you should collaborate with influencers.


  • They help in brand exposure
  • They are already trusted
  • They have authority
  • They already built relationships
  • They are creative & loved by their audience


Collaboration works like magic if you want to increase your brand awareness and social media presence.

Here are the ways how you can work with social media influencers.


  • Ask for sponsored social media posts
  • Participate with them in their videos, blog, and pictures
  • Run contest and giveaways
  • Get reviews and interviews by them


You can use any of these methods to attract the attention of their built audience towards yourself.

Collaborate with influencers to get more exposure = more sales and revenue.



Use hashtags


Do you know tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement?



With the use of hashtags, you can double the reach of your audience.

Not only this you can find your audience, see what’s trending, become more hyper-specific, and can start the conversation with the world with one hashtag.


Use of hashtags on social media
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It helps to increase your social media presence by showing your content to everyone who has an interest in your hashtags.

It goes beyond your followers and reaches to those who don’t follow you still.


On every platform, you can use hashtags and you can use hashtags like.


  • Don’t use more than 1 -2 hashtags
  • Keep your hashtags short and memorable
  • Don’t’ force hashtags when don’t require
  • Use hashtags to target a specific audience


Nowadays hashtags play a very important role in social media, use it to increase your reach, brand awareness, target audience, and follow trends.



Tag others


Tagging is different from hashtagging.

It refers to using a social handle or username of a person, business, post, videos, or images.


When you tag anyone in anything, you are identifying them and linking them to your content.

This is how tagging looks like.


Tag others on social media
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To tag anyone, just simply type @ and the persons or business name you want to tag.


Tagging gives you the power of directly sharing and communicating a specific person or business.

The most common use of tagging is done to engage with influencers in space or niche.


Tag an influencer or customers in your post to get them involved.


Tagging does not only increase the number of viewers for your post but also increase engagements.

No one is going to miss your post if you tag them especially.



Start contest


Contest and giveaways are the best techniques to attract an audience to your self.


Who doesn’t want to win prizes and kinds of stuff for free?

It is a classic and well-proven technique used by businesses, influencers, and marketers to attract people’s attention.


You can also use social media contests to attract more audiences, increase brand awareness, and build a strong community.



A brand can gain an average of over 34% of new customers and 17500 fans through contests.

Instagram account that holds content can grow their followers 70% faster than average.



Take a look at best practices to run content on social media platforms.

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These contest and giveaways are great lead magnets that no one can run away from it.



Involve in groups


Social media groups are the best place to engage with a common background, same interest,s or hobbies people.


To increase your reach to thousands or millions of people in one go, groups are the best choice.

These groups can be public or private, some require invitation by a current member or group administrator or some may not require an invitation.


Involve in groups on social media
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Groups help to discover people like you and sharing information with them makes you feel more connected and you find that someone can understand you.


These groups already sorted itself from a huge number of audiences with different tastes, interests, and preferences.

Have a look at a few reasons why you should join groups.


  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Share and engage, who understand
  • Easy to target a very specific audience
  • Quick to receive updates and feedbacks


That’s the reason why you should join one or two groups.



In Conclusion


Here we reach the end of our ideas.


Try these ideas to boost your social media presence.

Hey, look there are no ideas or techniques to connect with people within a day.


You will require some patience and be original and unique with your audience, you will notice that you will differently increase your presence.


I love to know which idea you will use to boost social media presence.

Mention down in the comment section below.