Do you know how you can build backlinks through content marketing?

69% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy.


And 76% of marketers use content marketing to get organic traffic to their website.



To get visitors on your website directly or through organic search results, you need high-quality content and backlinks.

Backlinks are Google’s first ranking factors for ranking any website in the search engine result pages (SERP).


Backlinks are the trust that transferred from one website to another.

And the best way to earn this trust is by giving something to the people or audience.


And you can gain the trust of others with the help of content.


Content is a valuable piece of information that helps to educate your audience on a specific topic.

When you give something, you receive something.


People love to share things when they like the most.


When your content gets more shares, it gets more backlinks.

This is how you can build backlinks through content marketing.


But how you can make your audience fall in love with your content so that they share more and link back to your website.

In this post, you will learn how you should make content that can attract more visitors and backlinks.


Let’s get started!



Post a List-based article


Among the most shared content on the internet.


19% of content that is shared on social media are list-based articles.

For most people, list-based articles are very easy to scan and understand.


As well as 36% of readers prefer to read list-based headlines.



Whenever a visitor land to your website, he/she takes 15 seconds or less to decide whether he/she will read your content or not.


There is a time when list-based articles win against without list-based articles.

This is because people are in a hurry.


They quickly want to scan the article and want to jump on the next.


According to a study, It is found that people’s eyes are more focused on sub-heading or bullet list points.

This is the heatmaps from the user’s eye-tracking studies of three websites.


Active eye tracking most visited place on post
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Many research shows that list post is more lovable, sharable as compared to infographics as a content type.

There had been lots of changes in content marketing.


Take a look at content marketing statistics.


As your content gets more shares, more people wish to link your content on their websites.

List-based articles are very easy to get in featured snippets of Google search result page (SERP).


Featured snippets of Google search result page (SERP)
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Learn how you can win featured snippets for your content.


Featured snippets are the best opportunity to get more organic clicks and backlinks than other results in search result pages.

Build backlinks through content marketing and list-based articles.


Attract a lot of visitors, organic traffic, and Google featured snippets with list-based articles.



Long-form content


A Long-form of content is a content that exceeds the word limit of 1200.

This words limit can be more than 2000, 5000 or 7000, it’s your wish how long you want your content to be.



Creating a long-form content needs patience, time, and a lot of effort as compared to publishing a short form of content about less than 1200 words.


In a study done by Backlinko and Clickstream in 2016, they found that the longer content gets higher ranking in google search results than short-form of content.


Post ranked on Google search result page (SERP) word count
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Source: Backlinko


In one study of Wikipedia,


It is found that with the increase in the length of content it increases the authoritative and trustworthiness of that website.

Long-form content is evergreen, and more shared.


Gets a position on the first page of the Google search result page.


Blog word count vs average organic traffic
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Content that has word count between 2250 and 2500 earns the most organic traffic.



For example,

CoSchedule’s top 10 blog post word count


Coschedule top performing blog post
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Source: CoSchedule


CoSchedule’s top 10 blog post most shared word count


Coschedule top shared blog post
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Source: CoSchedule


Whenever you want to build backlinks through content marketing than there is nothing best than a long-form of content.

The more exposure your content gets the more it will be shared.



Create Infographics


Infographics are one of the most popular types of content that goes viral on social media.


It’s among that type of content that people love to share a lot.

65% of B2B marketers and 59% of B2C marketers use infographics in their content marketing efforts.


The post that has infographics receives 178% of more backlinks than simple text-based blog posts.



Post with infographics gets 72% of more views, 3x more shares, and 30x more likely to be read from top to bottom.


If your content has infographics than not a single visitor thinks before clicking on the share button to share your content.

But your infographics should have an outstanding eye-catching design, well researched statistical data and charts.



For example,


28+ email marketing statistics 2020
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Take a complete look at the above infographics.

This post is the most shared content on social media.


Social share count of Afterush post
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Infographics are a very effective way to attract more shares for your content because.


  • People are attracted more to visual content than text content.
  • Visuals make understanding of content easier than text, almost 323% better.
  • Visual content is more shareable.


Create more infographics to attract more backlinks for your content.

Infographics are cool and work like a ninja if you want to build backlinks through content marketing.



Add charts and graphs


The main reason why charts and graphs get more backlinks because they simplify the information in an easy to understand format.


And the information that people like the most, they love to share more.

For example,


Emotions that make content viral
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Source: Hubspot


Check out how this chart has been used in a post to simplify the content on the topic.


This chart is published by Hubspot, we are using in our post and linking to the source.

This is how every chart or graph gets backlinks when someone wants to use it on their post.


There are many other reasons why you should use charts and graphs in your content.


  • Graphs, charts, or tables are visually more engaging than plain text.
  • Easy to compare and conclude the context
  • Represent large complex data easily with charts
  • Shows relationships between data


The maximum links that any website gets are from the data, charts, and graphs.

The statistical graph chart gets more backlinks.


For example,


Source: Statista


You can statists chart on many websites on the interest.

And every website has given a backlink to the Statista for using their charts.


To build backlinks through content marketing create more charts and graphs to attract more links to your website.



Case studies and surveys


This method is very powerful whenever you want to get high quality of backlinks for your website.


Everyone wants to engage with content that is original, high quality, and based on deep research and analysis.

Case studies and surveys have a huge potential to attract backlinks or targeted people towards your content.


Because researched data are like gold mines of a lot of new information.


This type of content gets more likes and shares on social media.

The difference between case studies and surveys are.


Case Study: It is a record of research into the development of a particular person, group, and situation for a long period.



Survey: It is an investigation (behavior or opinion ) by questioning a group of people.


Case studies and surveys can be in PDF, Presentation, and Video formats

For example,



This case study by pioneer business systems shows the effects of their telephone system on their clients.

This case study was in video format.


Take a quick look at a case study on digital transformation in retail in slide format.



This case study shows the challenges faced by retail companies due to digitalization.

And how to approach the problem of digital transformation.


Next look at the case study based on content marketing benchmarks, budgets, and trends of 2019 in PDF format.


Same to case studies, surveys also get more likes from people.

For example Backlinko survey,


Survey done by Backlinko and Ahrefs
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Recently Backlinko with Ahrefs in partnership analyzed 11.8 Google search results and find some interesting things.

This blog post more than 13K shares on social media.

Backlinks of Backlinko post
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This post has more than 17k backlinks on the Backlinko website.


As long as you publish a case study or survey with unique data-driven details, valuable and engaging content until then you can build backlinks through content marketing and get a lot of shares on social media.



A small contribution from expert


Nobody knows better on a specific topic other than experts.


They are called experts because they have deep knowledge about the specific topic.

These experts have very high authority and credibility in certain areas.


To get high-quality backlinks on your website you have to invite these experts for a small contribution to your website.


These contributions can be in the form of a blog or quotations.

For example,


Experts quotation given on Forbes magazine
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Source: Forbes


This is a type of quote contribution from masters of marketings.

Experts expressed their thoughts in the form of quotations.


The next type of contribution that you can ask from experts is a blog post.


Experts contribution on entrepreneur magazine
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A contributor may require some kind of experience in a specific niche.

It is the commitment of producing high-quality content for your website. ( producing 2-3 posts per month).


The benefits of contributed articles from experts are.


  • Increase the authority and credibility of your website: People are going to trust you more because other peoples have more trust in an expert, this trust transferred to your website.


  • Build a deeper relationship with experts and audience: You will form a deeper relationship between the author and the audience because of the high-quality content and trust you have gained. And relationships are based on trust.


  • Attract more visitors and backlinks: Experts contribution with the high authority and credibility content, you will always attract more visitors who will share the content with others on social media and other who want to link the content on their sites.


  • Become more confident in your niche: As with the increase of high-quality content, more backlinks, and support of expert authority, all these leads to make you more confident in your niche.


When it comes to building backlinks through content marketing, experts are the more valuable assets for your business.

With the help of experts, you can uplift the ranking, authority, credibility, and backlinks of your website.



Interview experts


Build backlinks for your website by interviewing the experts in your niche.


Gaining backlinks from interviews is very old tactics.

This format of content gets more shares on social media and increases the chance of getting viral, totally depends on who the expert is.


For example,


Expert interview post with Margo
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This marketing interview was taken by Gerardo A. Dada with Margo Aaron on the essence of marketing.

Have a quick look at the interview.


This article got 35 shares on social media.


Social share count of expert interview post
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Shares are less, isn’t it?

But these shares depends on whom you are interviewing.


Elon musk interview post
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Have look at the shares of this post.


Social share count of elon musk interview post
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Pretty high than earlier post. isn’t?

Expert interviews are a great way to acquire high-quality backlinks if you can manage to take interviews of top leaders in your niche.


Interviews can be hard to arrange but it worth it for your website.

The expert does not only giving you backlinks but also transferring his/her authority and credibility to you for a long period.


Have a look at Gary Vaynerchuk’s interview.



The loyal audience of Gary Vaynerchuk’s has watched this interview with Tom Bilyeu and started knowing the YouTube channel of Tom Bilyeu.


Gary Vaynerchuk’s audience subscribed to Tom channel, as well as this video received more than 600k views.



Use videos and images


Most engaging content on the web is visual content.


80% of marketers use visual content on social media for marketing.

And 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brand they like and support.


85% of users in the united states watch video content monthly.



You may have noticed that social media is captured by images and videos.

Demand for video and image content is increasing day by day.


What types of content audience demands in 2020
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You can see all people’s demand video forms of content from every age from 18-55 years old.


And after that social media in the queue.

Video and images are the most sharing content on the web.


Whenever when people find videos or images interesting they don’t think much before clicking on the share button.


Animoto post with videos in the content
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Check out this Animoto blog about the complete guide to video marketing.

This post has videos of different types of video marketing.


This single post has 57 backlinks alone.


Animoto post backlinks with videos in the content
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The content has videos on it.

And when it comes to images, especially infographics, charts, and graphs get more backlinks and shares.


Add images and videos in your content that you love to share with others.

Then you can easily attract backlinks.


And can build backlinks through content marketing.



Add Click To Tweet


The easiest way to make your users promote your content on Twitter by pressing Click To Tweet button.

This tweet button appears within your content.


This is how the Click To Tweet button looks like.


How to add click to tweet button within a content
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This twitter button enables your visitor or readers to easily share a part of the content that they like the most on their twitter handles.

You don’t have to share complete posts or content.


This Click To Tweet button can increase your site traffic from twitter as well as lead more shares from just one post for many times.


Click TO Tweet button encourages your visitor to share the same content and the sections of the content.

For example,



Use statistical data, quotations, and amazing facts to make users click on Click to Tweet buttons.

The more shares your post will get, the more chances of getting backlinks increases.



In conclusion


If I have to summarize the complete post in one line then I will say,

Create content that you want to open 10 times a day and can’t stop yourself by sharing it.


If you don’t fall in love with your content and don’t like to share more than others than it will be hard for other people to share your content.


Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it. ā€“ Andrea Fryrear



If you create content that you want to see 100 times than others also love that content 100 times than others.

Then you can build backlinks through content marketing.


Have you created content on which you are proud the most?

Mention down in the comment section below.