The content marketer does a lot of mistakes. But these are the 11 content marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner.


Every business use content marketing to attract an audience to their website.

But somewhere at the beginning or the middle of content marketing, these marketers does some mistakes that they should avoid at every possible step.


Without making you wait for more, let’s get started with these 11 content marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

Let’s begin the show.



1. Don’t mess with SEO


If you try to play with SEO, it can harm your website badly.


Most of the time your website gets traffic from organic search results.

And SEO is responsible for organic search results traffic.


Don’t you believe me? Check out SEO statistics.


SEO is the most important part of content marketing.

It helps to rank your content on the search engine result page (SERP).


Best Inbound strategy
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It is the best inbound marketing as compared to social media, email, and PPC.

Organic traffic is free of cost as compared to other sources of traffic like paid ads and so on.


SEM and SEO traffic sources preview
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Ignoring SEO or manipulating it, by over-optimizing your content increases the chance of getting your domain or website backlisted.

Always remember, you are creating content for the peoples not for the search engines.


Stop over-optimizing your content for ranking faster on the search engine result page (SERP).

Neil Patel has shared an amazing article on how to avoid over-optimizing your content.


Performing Grey Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO can increase the high risk of getting your website backlisted in the long run.


Common SEO issues
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You should also try to avoid common SEO issues before you hit the publish button.


These are the basic content marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

In 2021, you can’t hyper-focus completely on SEO.


To rank on #1 page of the search engine result page (SERP) and get a lot of organic traffic, you need to do something different from others.


But these don’t mean that you should start manipulating SEO by



  • Spamming guest blogging


Guest blogging means writing content for another website to get backlinks to your website, increase domain authority, and credibility.


It is the most commonly used strategy for SEO and content marketing.

But overdoing, spamming comments, and getting links from irrelevant sources are all spams for search engines.


For example, this blog post was written only for building backlinks.


Stop spamming guest blogging
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Source: Searchenginewatch


Your hard work can become useless whenever Google’s new algorithm gets updated.


And it will find out all irrelevant links linked to your website.

This can affect your site ranking and organic search traffic.


Use guest blogging to achieve long term goals with cautions, not to spread spams.



  • Over optimized anchor text


Anchor tags are very much important for building links, increase search engine ranking, and search engine optimization (SEO).


The words you choose to link on your website is called anchor tag or a tag.

For example like this,


Why search engine marketing is important in 2021


How to use anchor text
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This is how the anchor tag and text or link text is used.

Over optimizing your anchor text for better SEO can cause harm to your website in the long run.


The distribution of anchor text on any website should be in between 7:3 ratio of non-targeted: targeted anchor text – Moz says


Anchor text distribution
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Google and other search engines see anchor text of your website to learn about your site and for ranking the right keywords on the search engine result page.


Over-optimization of anchor text gives Google the single of spam operations.

This action can result in a penalty on your website by Google for manipulating their search engine result pages.


For example,

Over optimized anchor tags
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Every search engine wants the links on your website should occur naturally to your reader for getting more information from the content.

Not to make your content look spammy to them.


Follow these Guidelines of Google to rank your site better on search engine result pages (SERP).



Manipulating a search engine can benefit your website in the short term but it can suffer in the long term.


Don’t try to challenge Google at any cost.

It can be dangerous for your website.



  • Too much usage of keywords in the content


Every search engine works on keywords.

It is the most essential part of any content on the web.


It helps search engines to learn about your content and find it on the web.


Usage of keywords in the content
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To better rank your website on a SERP you should use keywords in your content in the most efficient way.

Over usage of keywords or “stuffing” as it referred can badly affect your SEO.


Google warns every site owner against over-optimizing keywords or stuffing.


You should at least use 5 times a specific keyword inside your content.

That should occur naturally in the content, not appear as spam, and that should not affect the user experience too.


Keyphrase density
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The maximum number of keywords occurrence is called keyphrase density.

If you try to use more keywords than required then it can hurt your visibility on search engine result pages (SERP).


This is how over-optimized content looks like with a lot of keywords inside in it.


Over use of keywords
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Source: SearchEngineJournal


You have to avoid this mistake of over-optimization of targeted keywords at any cost.

Use relevance keywords as much as the size of your content.



  • Focusing on quantity over quality


Do you know why only some content ranks on the first page of Google search results?

Just because it has more quality than the result of #2 page of the search engine result page.


Focusing on quality over quantity
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The more quality content has, the more shares and links it gets.


You can see every position of search engine result shares and links.

The higher the shares and links are, the higher its ranking is.


People are always attracted to quality, not quantity.


While publishing a lot of content you can’t forget the quality of the content.

To stay on top of the search engine result page (SERP) you need to produce a lot of content that could rank on it.


Content quality vs content quality
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Source: Scoop


Learn to balance both the quantity and quality of content.

But avoid focusing more on producing low-quality content.



  • Buying irreverent backlinks


Backlinks are the incoming links to your website.

To get a better ranking on the search engine you need a lot of backlinks.


More backlinks your website has, the higher-ranking position it gets on SERP.


Buying backlinks
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The links that are built naturally on your website are more effective than paid or purchased links.

Naturally built links are from trusted sources, have quality, and match your website niche.



Buying links can be dangerous for your website because you don’t know the quality and sources of the links.

You should always avoid buying backlinks at any cost.



  • Adding too many links on pages


Adding too many links on the page can be dangerous for your website.

There are two types of links that we add to our content.


  1. Internal Links
  2. External Links ( Outbound links)


Too many links on your page seem like spam for Google and other search engines.

This can affect your site ranking, SEO, and user experience.


See, what Google employee says on how many links you should have on a page.



You should avoid using a lot of links on your page, always try to use a reasonable amount of links in the proportion of your content.


Don’t add links to every 10th word of your content.



  • Publishing non-original content


You can’t deny the power of original content.


You and me, we all love to engage with original content.

Original content gets more likes, shares, comment, backlinks, generate more leads, sales, and drive more traffic to your website.


It helps to build authority and trust between you and your audience.

For example Brain Dean skyscraper technique


Publish original content
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Got 5k+ shares on social media and 750+ comments on this post.

And more than 17k+ backlinks for a single post.


Attract more backlinks with original content
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You should prefer to publish high-quality original content for your website.

These are all SEO mistakes you should avoid as a beginner to gain more organic traffic, build authority, and credibility in your niche.



2. Don’t please everyone


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs



As a content marketer, your content matters a lot to you.


Your content shows your thoughts to others.

You can’t have thoughts like everyone.


Someone will like it and someone will not. Stop pleasing everyone.

For example,



This content is not created for every person who wears shoes.

It created for inspiring and motivating every athlete of this world.


The most important thing for any content marketer is to target their audience.

Please only those people who matter the most.


If you are trying to please everyone through your content, hardly you can satisfy anyone 100%.

This is another content marketing mistake you should avoid as a beginner.



3. Don’t become overconfident


The main reason why most of the time your content does not give high ROI as you expected, is just because you may have become overconfident.


Content marketing strategy works better in the long run.

As a beginner when you start creating content it may feel amazing but in the long run, you can feel burnout.


It is because you become overconfident as soon in the early stage of content marketing.



Content marketing is a long term game you can’t win, learn, and experience everything in two days.


If you become overconfident too soon, you lose the game more sooner.

Like most content marketers you will lose confidence in the long run.



4. Don’t forget to make a strategy


90% of marketers use content marketing strategy for their businesses, and many of them feel like their strategy is useless and ineffective.

You can see it.


B2B marketers rate
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Source: Neil Patel


Only 9% of marketers feel their content is effective.



The simple reason behind this failure is the lack of content strategy.

You can see the percentage of B2C marketers who have content marketing strategies.


Percentage of B2C marketers
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Source: ContentMarketingInstitute



And 50% of marketers have content marketing but not documented.

As a result, many marketers fail to get the result that they expect from the content.


And this is the most important content marketing mistake you should avoid as a beginner.



5. Don’t create one type of content


This is a big mistake that beginners do in content marketing that they should avoid at any cost.

The content that is most shared is mixed.


For example,

These types of content shared most.


Most engaging and shared content on social media platform
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Mixed content that has images, infographics, videos, charts, and graphs are shared the most.

Mixed type of content get more backlinks, shares, search engine ranking, and has more authority and credibility.


You should avoid just one type of content.

For example,


Don't create this type of content
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The above content is just a text-based content that people may feel boring to read.


If you are creating a blog post then add at least 1 image in it.

That will perform better on the Search engine result page as compare to without or no image in the content.


Google position
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Source: Backlinko


For example,

You should try to create these types of content that have an equal proportion of text, images, graphs, and infographics.


This is in the next content marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner.



6. Don’t undervalue your old content


Many times old content becomes a gold mine of a lot of organic website traffic.


Before you start ignoring your old content.

This is the most common mistake that is done by a lot of marketers as content marketing.


Once the content has been published, it should be updated after a while.


Because Google wants to show fresh content to their users.

Moz says that your original content gradually becomes less and less fresh with the time.


Don't undervalue your old content
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But you can stop your content from becoming stale content by updating it within a month or year.


You can add images, check grammar and spelling, remove broken links, and more.

Keeping your content fresh, shows Google that your content is new and can be shown to their users.


This is how Google works for indexing your site on their search engine result page.



Google search only shows relevant and most updated content to their user.


This results in more website traffic. Improved click-through-rate and SEO.

Becoming more authoritative and trustable brand images.


Never forget your old content.

Keep it updating to maintain its freshness.


Now let’s jump on to the next content marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner.



7. Don’t focus completely on quantity or quality


The latest update of Google search algorithms main focus is on the content, not on the quantity of the content.

This algorithm is called as “May 2021 core update”.



Google always wants to answer people’s queries with high-quality content.

This is what Google wants or sees any website before ranking on the search engine.


But to get lots of traffic from organic search results, you should know how to balance your content quantity and quality.


More quality content means more time users will spend on your site and more quantity content means more traffic your website receives.



Both have the same importance, it is quite risky for your website if you completely focus on one.


This is another most common mistake that many marketers do.

Either they have more focus on quantity or quality.


That you should avoid as a beginner in content marketing.




Buying followers and backlinks are not good for your business or brand.


While buying, you will never know about the quality of followers and backlinks.

It is the same as filling a water bottle with water but doesn’t know anything about water whether it is pure or dirty.


But when you earn followers and backlinks, all of them are from the original and genuine sources.


But In case you buy followers and backlinks you should know all these things.

Because your online business is built on followers and backlinks.



The reason why you should not buy followers and backlinks are.


  • Low engagement, less traffic
  • Seem as spammer
  • Hard to build brand
  • Difficult to earn the trust


These are the only few reasons why you should avoid buying any type of backlinks and followers for your brand on social media.


As a beginner in content marketing, most people can’t stop themself by doing these mistakes.

That’s why this is the next content marketing mistakes to avoid in our list.



9. Don’t ignore email list building


The first step that you should take before starting your business or launching your product, is building an email list.


It is a collection of emails from your targeted audience.

This is one or another way of building a fast relationship between you and your audience.


These are the 28+ email marketing statistics 2021 to calm down your curiosity about why email marketing or email list building is needed.


This list has all those people who are are ready to get on a boat with you.

The core benefits of building an email list are.


  • Direct communication between you and your audience
  • Can become personal with your audience
  • Can target specific audience
  • Email list audience is for the long haul
  • Turn your list into customers


All of these benefits you can miss if you avoid building an email list.

In content marketing building an email list is 10x more important than other forms of marketing.


email list building
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You can directly send an email to your audience about your new content.


As you can see in the above image.

As a beginner in content marketing, you should avoid this mistake at any cost if you want to build a brand.


Have look at how to create an effective email marketing campaign.



10. Don’t stop being consistent


In marketing, consistency is the key to get more leads, sales, organic, and social traffic.

It helps to nurture your brand, develop trust among the audience, increase engagement, boost your SEO, and so on.


Consistency creates momentum on your website that attracts more audience towards your content.


As well as it will increase your will power for becoming a better content marketer.

Take a quick look at Seth Godin’s interview on authenticity, consistency, and storytelling.



Increase your skill, feel positive, develop patience, and discipline for creating content for your audience.


Consistency at your work will differently take you to the place where you want to reach.

That’s why you should avoid this mistake of not being consistent.



11. Don’t fail to use social media


Many content marketers fail miserably on social media platforms.


Creating content and publishing it on your website is not enough to attract more audiences.

The same level of effort is required for promoting your content.


It is an important component of content marketing.


These are the 28+ social media marketing statistics you should know if you are not promoting your content on social media platforms.


If you fail to promote your content on social media platforms.


Then your content is going to fail to return ROI sooner or later.

Social media likes, comments, and shares also affect your site ranking and organic traffic.


And consistency is the key to build an audience on social media platforms.

Avoid this content marketing mistake as a beginner. Don’t become anti-social.





Here we end with our 11 content marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner.


As a beginner, these mistakes can harm your site and as well you in the long period as content marketers.

At any cost, you don’t have to do these 11 content marketing mistakes as a beginner.


What are the mistakes you have done in content marketing as a beginner?


Mention down all your mistakes and how did you improve that in the comment section below.