Developing a rock-solid content marketing strategy is something where you need help, at least at the beginning. Out in the world, you need to look into the best resources for the content. That is why knowing the best content marketing resources is mandatory these days.


In the 21st century, if you are looking forward to growing your business online, you need a rock-solid marketing strategy.

And in Digital Marketing, there is no proper marketing strategy without a substantial content marketing procedure.


As you are looking for some excellent content marketing websites to find out the best practices for content marketing resources, just read through this blog.

We have discussed the best content marketing resources and the best practices throughout this entire blog.



What is Content Marketing?


Content Marketing interacts with visitors online, presenting interesting information or experience, providing different engaging elements like text, images, videos, etc. 


Marketing Contents appear in the shape of articles, images, videos. But what differentiates regular text, images, or videos from the Marketing Content is the message these materials are carrying.



Practice the 16 best content marketing resources on the internet


At this moment, on the internet, you could find hundreds of websites with content marketing resources on them.

All of these resources may not be the best practice or the most suitable ones for you.


So, how do you find out the best content marketing resources from them?

Well! You don’t need to!


We have taken the hassle of finding the best content marketing resources by deliberately researching, analyzing, and studying hundreds of content resource websites online.

And here is the result.


The best content marketing resources out on the internet:



1.  Everything about Content Marketing


Whether you are a complete beginner or a guy with basic knowledge about content marketing, you should go through this Moz Academy masterpiece.

It is one of the most proficient yet straightforward Content Marketing explanations, covering all aspects. 


You might be catching up with this Moz Academy guideline often suggested on different websites.

Yes, you should! That’s because it has covered A-Z content marketing materials in the most comfortable words.


Besides, the entire content marketing world admires this Moz creation, and so do we!



2. The Ultimate Guide to Creating Remarkable Content


This fantastic Content Marketing guideline comes from Ramit Sethi, known for his New York Times bestseller book I Will Teach You To Be Rich.


Using his decades of experience in financial advising, he has developed this remarkable content making guideline. 


This mega content marketing guideline has a broad understanding of the Content qualities.

You can learn about the senses to strategies needed and used in making super creative and engaging content.


In case you are struggling to find a suitable approach to create content, you have a master plan now. 



3. How to develop a Content Marketing strategy?


Hubspot is a powerhouse of Content marketing resources.

Here on this Hubspot blog, you’ll be able to catch up with a proficient and complete guideline to create a content marketing strategy for your business considering the type and scale. 


On the other hand, you’ll get most of the content marketing types illustrated in detail.


Hence, it would be easier to understand your content marketing industry and the necessary steps to flourish your business online. 



4. Content Marketing Made Simple- Neil Patel


If you know Neil Patel, you have an idea about what this link is referring to and why this is so significant.

Undoubtedly, we can count this Neil Patel Masterpiece as a comprehensive reference for content marketing resources.


In case you haven’t heard about Neil Patel before, I insist you visit this link! You have got numerous things to learn about one of the most successful Digital Marketers of this time.


Apparently, you have got half of a universe about Content Marketing to discover! 



5. Copyblogger: Words that Work for Smarter Digital Marketing and Sales


Never feel suffocated again while searching for the smartest and most interactive words and ideas for your next content blog.


Copyblogger provides you a collection of market-leading content marketing resources that always hold your back while you need help. 


Copyblogger provides a versatile number of articles to support your Content Marketing skills. Also, they have a spectacular guideline for the new content marketers who are on the verge of starting a great content marketing career.



6. Hubspot: Blog Idea Generator


The American software marketing giant has made one of the most impressive and usable blog idea generators you could search for on the internet!

It takes no time to give you the blog ideas you needed, but you couldn’t figure them out all yourself.


Just input your keywords and click the enter button. In less than a second, you’ll get 5 fantastic blog titles free regarding your keywords.


You can also receive 250 more ideas with purchasing the business version. 



7. The Skyscraper technique for Link Building


Your content marketing goal should be spreading your content all over the internet with a conventional impression.


And to spread your content, you need a powerful technique to gain excellent link building skills that increase your traffic.

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko and undoubtedly one of the most recognized SEO experts worldwide.


The Skyscraper technique is his advanced technique for improvised Content Marketing for the link builders.



8. What is the ROI of Content Marketing?


In case you are not familiar with the term ROI (Return On investment).

And also, ROI of Content Marketing, you need to follow through with these amazing content marketing resources. 


It deliberately explains all the purpose, strategies, and techniques for the best ROI.


Significantly, they have focused on how the business organization limits their growth by undervaluing the importance of a clear ROI of Content Marketing research.



9. How to Measure ROI of Content Marketing ROI?


You must determine your content marketing outcome considering the effort you are providing for your Content Marketing. Besides, your content marketing resources must include an ROI(Return On Investment) study. 


As a result, you need to study these 4 simple steps here to explain a method of measuring your Content Marketing ROI.


On the 7th point, you had an introduction to the ROI of content marketing. Now on this content marketing resource, you can learn to measure the ROI of Content Marketing in detail.



10. Contently: The Content Strategist


Contently is undoubtedly one of the best content marketing resource websites to look into.

This organization has been deliberately helping content marketers worldwide by providing them proficient content marketing knowledge. 


Significantly, they have content marketing strategies and analytical solutions for content marketers of every experience. 


Contently methodology stands on 3 pillars,

  1. Expert Content Strategy
  2. Enterprise Content Marketing Platform
  3. A global network of 160,000+ freelance creatives. 



11. 16 Killer Content Marketing Ideas


The most helpful content marketing resource for content marketers is the examples of previous content.

That’s because it is the easiest thing for content marketers to have their eyes on the sample and make a complete understanding of it. 


This content marketing resource deliberately explains to you a few very proficient content marketing campaigns dividing them into different sections as per videos, blogs, infographics, social media, and print media, one for each for a better understanding. 



12.  Blog Post Checklist to Use Before You Hit Publish: Syed Balkhi


Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner, OptinMonster, WPForms, and so many other influential WordPress products, has provided a list of the best content marketing practices to check before posting a blog. 


The man under the radar creating the most significant WordPress resource and tutorial website has discussed some crucial factors like Catchy title, Meta description, Focus keyphrase, CTA, and so many for your content marketing blogs. 


In case you are a WordPress content creator, you should go through WPBeginner for superior ideology on WordPress content marketing resources.

Indeed, it is the biggest WordPress resource website at this moment. 



13. Build a Winning Content Marketing Strategy: Ahrefs


Ahrefs is one of the most prominent digital marketing agencies of this world. They are very famous for their market analysis tool and market winning strategies. 


In this blog, they have discussed building a full-fledged content marketing strategy in 9 steps.

Here, every point has extensively explained a particular purpose of content marketing. 


We can assure you that it is one of the most reliable content marketing resources to follow for long-term sustainability. 



14.  Content Marketing Strategy: Single Grain Blog


This Content Marketing Strategy blog collection has got a variety of content marketing tips for you.

Undoubtedly, this website has got one of the richest content marketing resources. 


You can find detailed information about actionable Content marketing, Uncovering competitor’s content strategy, data-driven content marketing, best brands with best content marketing campaigns, and so many other essential topics.

Besides, they offer blogs on almost every content marketing strategy. 



15. Google Trends


Google trends help you to determine how the search terms are performing worldwide.

It provides the most accurate possible data about a search volume that varies over time and in different locations. 


If you deploy your content on the market, you should have a clear idea about the recent search trends of google.

It’s because there is no meaning of ranking for a keyword that people do not search for!


Follow the Google trends and know which content to create and release.



16. 10 Inspirational Ways to Brainstorm Blogging Ideas


It is widespread for content marketers to struggle to find unique ideas for blogging or creating content regularly.

Significantly, a lot of content marketers suffer from this. 


Hence, a blog is written entirely about finding our regular content making ideas and never running short on ideas.

It has a detailed study on balancing daily life to work-life with content marketing practices that help you create regular content creation ideas.





Every content marketer around you or us regularly looks for the best content marketing resources.

It is very accurate that in terms of content marketing that one idea helps generate another idea.


Thus, the practice of best content marketing resources is so important. 


It is open as daylight that regular content marketing resource updates keeps a content marketer versatile and stable in his creative field.

The more versatile are his resources, the better and unique his contents will be.