Skills are like sharp knives that can cut every deal in your business. And content marketing skills are the same as the knife.

That helps your business to get more website traffic, leads, and sales.


According to a Semrush survey, 77% of respondents use a content marketing strategy.

And only 9% use it in excellent ways but 38% said that hey use content marketing strategy as average.


The reason why this happens is, because of fewer skills and knowledge about content marketing.


According to that survey, content is mostly measured through organic traffic (76%), leads (62%), sessions/preview (60%), and conversion rate (47%).



And this is an area where a most business fails.


Ahref says that 90.63% of content get no traffic from Google.

Content marketing is a skill that starts from thinking about the content to the end of the content.



Without mastering the required skills, it will be hard for you to generate traffic for your website, leads, and conversions.

Creating content does not involve just writing your thoughts on your website.


It requires many ingredients to make your content successful like its quality, length, backlinks, promotions, and so on.


In this post, we both reveal the skills required to make your content successful and can attract a lot of audience for a long period.

Here we go with the top 8 content marketing skills that you should master.


Let’s get started.



Know how to tell stories


Stories are the most passionate way to tell something to your audience.

Stories have the full potential to make your audience feel happy, excited, and sad at the same time.



Stories help to connect you with your audience.


It can be in any form such as articles, images, videos, infographics, or all of them in one package.

To make your content powerful, create some stories within it so that your audience can feel connected.


And can remember your content for a quite long period.


People like to engage with content that reveals some stories.

That’s why people love to create millions of stories on social media platforms.


Daily active users on social media platforms
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You can see how people love to create stories on social media.

With stories, anyone gets connected within a second to the content.


I am fully sure that you never miss any stories on your social media profile.


Storytelling is about conveying your audience about facts through narration.

And these narrations should bring a rollercoaster of emotions in your audience.



For example,


Land Rovers is a huge company that sells the vehicle.

And this ad is one of the most successful ad campaigns they have done yet.


This ad is a brilliant example of telling a story.


This ad tells a real-life story of two towns ( Nepal and India ) in the border.

Where the 60-years-old land rover is used for safe and regular transport between these two towns.


After watching this ad, you are going to become emotional and the moment you get emotion, you feel connected with the brand.


Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.  ― Elizabeth Gilbert



These are a few tips and strategies on how you can build a story with your content.

And can leave the impact of your content on your audience’s mind.


Feel them connected, and attract them towards your content in the future.



Easy to understand


When you are producing content in the form of article, video, images, and audios, always try to speak that language that your audience understands.


Try to show things simply.

Always remember less is more and simplicity is more attractive.



Use more images, videos, and infographics to make your content more appealing and informative.


Make content easy to understand
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Add videos and images


Most people love to engage with the content that has a lot of video, audio, and images.

Content that contains visuals like videos, audio, and images like to get 94% more website traffic.



Add videos and images in your content
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And for your audience, it becomes easier to remember your content.

Visuals are quick to capture the attention of your audience, drive them through an emotional rollercoaster.


This can generate a lot of organic traffic for your website.



Make it believable, inspiring, and interesting


Storytelling in content marketing works when other people believe in you and your content.

This happens when you have creditability, authority, and trust of people.


Your content should inspire, motivate, and tell some story to make your audience feel connected.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Entrepreneur (@entrepreneur) on


For example, this Instagram post. Photos are good for telling stories.

Stories that show passion, quality, emotions and are interesting to feel connected.



So, how you can make your stories believable, inspiring, and interesting.

Make your content believable, inspiring and interesting
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Establish a journey of emotions


Do you know why some people’s content goes viral, more shares, and get the love for a long period?


The answer is just simple.


That content has provoked the emotions of people.

All of us take action based on 80% of our emotions and just use 20% of logic.



And these are the emotions that make your content go viral.

Top emotional responses to viral images
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Source: Hubspot


You can trigger the emotions of your audience through your content by adding emotions to the content.

Establish a journey of emotions
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Improve communication skill


It is the interpersonal skills you will require whenever you want to connect with other peoples.

Without this skill, you will feel hard to convey your things.


This skill goes hand in hand with internal communication skills.

This skill is very much important for content marketers because content marketing is not about creating and sharing your content on social media.


It is more than that.



As a marketer and a human, we understand and connect with communication.

It is the start and end of any business, marketing, and a relationship.


This skill should be on top of your personality list.


The more good you are in communication, the more your chances of success increase.

Your communication skills include your writing skills, way of storytelling, public speaking, attitude, and so on.


So, how you can improve your communication skills?



This is how you can improve your communication skills, but how you could improve for content marketing.

Here is the way how you can improve your skill for content marketing.


Improve your communication skills
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Be clear in your mind


As you are a content marketer, you have to be clear with everything starting from creating content, promotions, and marketing and building a relationship with your audience.


Clarity is the other most important skill you have to develop within you to serve your audience with more clear information.


Be clear in your mind in every aspect such as content creation, quality of content, audience focus, and persona, the direction of your content, storytelling, and so on.



Every piece of your content is for the long term, don’t try to rush without planning your content.


The only time you can be clear in your mind when you create a strategy for your content.

Here is the reason why you need a content strategy.



These are a few tips and strategies on how you can be clear in your mind about your content.

And how you can develop a strategy for your content that can outrank in the search engine result page.


How be become clear in your mind
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Learn how to build connections


The main reason for creating any content is to educate and entertain people.

Through content as a medium, you can connect with people and build a relationship with them.


This content could be in any form such as videos, blog posts, images, and podcasts.

Every content helps to build an audience and relationships with them.


As a content marketer, you have to understand and know how to make strategies to connect with your audience through your content and establish a long term relationship with them.


For example,



This brand makes an emotional connection with its audience by including people into the video, amazing narration and communication, and being genuine in their product.


Your content is not just a piece of content, it is that tool that can trigger the emotions of your audience.

Make loyal to your company, brand, product, or services.


This skill is most required as a content marketer to build a connection with your audience.



Research like detective


When it comes to creating any kind of content than the first thing that comes in mind, the context of the content.


But getting ready with the context is not that easy.

If the topic of your content is new for you then research is required. Deep research like a detective.


So, how you will do the research. Take a look.


How to do research for your content
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Be confident in your words


Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. — Christopher Robin



Confidence is the beautiful gift that you get from inside of you.

As a content marketer, confidence is the thing that can always push you and your content in the crowded space.


Show your self confident in your words, in your content as a market to reach the billion of users.

Your confidence shows the quality and value of your content.


But we all know that everyone is not born with confidence.

So, how you can develop confidence inside you.


5 tips to become confident as conent marketer
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Optimize and measure your content


As a content marketer, content is an asset for us.

It is a masterpiece that we build with patience and love to educate and entertain people.


To make sure that your content should reach million and billion of people.

You have to optimize it and measure the result to ensure it works effectively to serve its purpose.


If your content does not reach your audience effectively than what is the purpose of creating it.


You need to track the performance of your content.

And to find what is working and you can improve your content.


This is the way how you can optimize and measure your content.


How to optimize your content
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Use social media


It is very hard for us to ignore the use of social media as a content marketer.

It is the path of success for a content marketer.


Social media helps to build brand awareness, influence the people, drive traffic, and conversion to your website, and so on.


Millions of content shared on social media per day.


As a content marketer, you should have a skill of how to use social media for your content marketing.

Because according to statistics most people spend their time on these platforms.


Average of 3 hours per day.



Here is the reason why you need to master social media as a content marketer.


Social media for content marketers
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Now you are ready to be called a professional content marketer.


You have every skill in your pocket to shine and build a relationship with your audience.

Content marketing is easy to do if you have all content marketing skills.


You will take time to develop all these skills inside you, but don’t rush, get angry and frustrate if it takes time.


I am sure you can master all the skills.

And once it has done you are ready to achieve success in content marketing.


What content marketing skills you already have?

Mention down in the comment section below.