Do you know how much effective email marketing campaign was in the year 2019?

Email marketing is one of the best channels to promote your business.


Do you have complete knowledge and strategy for running a successful effective email marketing campaign?

If your answer is yes, then you are on the win-win side of the game of marketing.


Email marketing is successfully run by B2B and B2C businesses every day.

More than 86% of business professionals use emails as a medium for communicating their everyday thoughts with their audience and customers.



59% of B2B businesses say that email marketing is the most effective marketing channel in terms of revenue generation or lead generation.


Email subscribers are three times more likely to share their content on social media other than the other channels according to quick sprout.


And 77% of people say they love to get promotional messages via Email vs direct mail, text, phone, and social media platforms.



Email marketing is very effective until you know the strategy and the process to run the email marketing campaign successfully.


If you know the strategy and step by step process.

Then no one can stop you from growing your audience, customers, and taking your business to the next level.


This post will guide you step by step for launching your effective email marketing campaign.

And run that campaign successfully for a long period.


In this post, you will find every answer to your doubts about the email marketing campaign.

Shall we begin our journey?


So here we go with the first question, and it is for newbies.



What is an email marketing campaign?


This is the most expensive question of this blog post.

Can you guess the answer?


No, It’s ok. let me tell you, what it is.


An email marketing campaign is an email sent from a business to more than one customer is called an email marketing campaign.



You want your customers to engage with your emails.

And take some action that will benefit your business.


That’s why any email marketing campaign is started.


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This is the most effective channel of marketing.

Because according to the statistic,


90% of adults and 74% of teenagers use email regularly daily in their day to day life.



 Email marketing is the best channel of marketing for building trust, emotional bonds, and a strong relationship between you and your customer.


There are many advantages to email marketing.

This helps you to understand why email marketing is important for your business.



Advantages of email marketing


These are the advantages of email marketing above all other forms of marketing.





You can save a lot of money if you decide to start an email marketing campaign.

Its first advantage is that it is very low at cost.


It is not going to ruin your pocket out of cash.


You don’t have to pay for ads, what you do with social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc.

Neither you have to pay any fees for the exchange of the exposure on Billboard magazine, televisions, and radio. 


Many experts said that email marketing is a very cost-effective strategy.

And it gives a high rate of return,  $44 for every $1 you spend.



Your spendings are very less as compared to what you are getting as profit in return.

If you have very little budget for marketing your business then email marketing is the best option for you to go with.



Build trust and credibility


Do you know, showing trust in someone is very hard for most people?


People don’t easily trust anyone.

And if someone is promoting their business or services than it is treated as spam or forcefully trying to sell some useless product.


But if you become successful in developing trust, creditability, and a strong relationship between you and your customers.

Then they are always ready to buy anything from you.


Building a relationship, trust, credibility, and authority are very essential for any business.


It is the foundation of any business on which the businesses stand.

If the foundation is weak, then it is hard for your business to survive in the market in the long run.


Build a foundation for your business with the help of email marketing.

Emails are very personal and it can give the personal touching of emotional waves, the same as relatives send the emails to them.


When your customers get connected with the emails you send, then slowly they start trusting on you and your business.

In the last, they are also ready to purchase a product from you, if not then they are ready to give a try to your product.


This is the power of email marketing, which undeniable compared to all other channels of marketing.



High ROI


When we start talking about email marketing than the first thing which pops up in every marketer mind is that Rate of Return.

This channel is more appreciated as compared to other channels of marketing, in terms of Rate of Return.


Email marketing helps to increase a company’s revenue, improve engagement, lead generation, conversions, and sales.


It can also drive more traffic to your website too.

For every $1 spent on a marketing $44 is made in written according to the case study of campaign monitor.


The customer always prefers to purchase more product through email offers.



Drive more traffic, leads, and sales


Driving traffic to your website becomes easier with the help of Email marketing.

You can get a large audience through email marketing.


And finally, you can turn them into your paying customers.


You can use exit-popup and sidebar newsletter forms to capture the email address of your audience.

Once you get connected with your audience, you can nurture them for your paid product or services.


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You have to make your audience feel like your family.

By treating them nicely, providing valuable learning content, help them when need with the topic related to your product or the topic within your niche.


By doing all these things you are building trust with your audience.

That is the root of every business.


Without that, it is hard for your business to turn your audience into paying customers.



Track and measure


Measuring the status of your emails sent to your audience or customers is very important for your business.

Through metrics,


You can understand your audience or customers.

Whether they are opening the email they receive or not, and how many of them are opening.


You can understand every small detail about your audience during an effective email marketing campaign.


Find email engagement rates, open rates, click-through rates, and so on.

All the actions of the audience can be captured and analyze with the help of metrics.



If you don’t track your email marketing email campaign then it will be very hard to find how your audience is engaging with the email sent to them. 


The metrics data is very useful to make strategies for the next effective email marketing campaign.

And to understand your audience’s interest, opening time of emails, how to engage with the email, take actions or not, etc.


After analysis of the metric, you can improve your product or services, and can grow your business more.



Types of email marketing?


These are the different types of emails that you can use for email marketing campaigns.



The Newsletter


The newsletter is an email sent out to your audience.

Informing them about the latest news, update, and new article published on your blog or website, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


It is the subscription that is subscribed by the people to get the latest update of your company directly into their email box.


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The newsletter helps to remain connected with your audience whether they visit your website or not.

It helps in building a strong relationship, trust, creditability, authority, and loyalty between you and your audience.



Product Promotion


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It is the most common way of email marketing used by the companies and brand to make people get aware of their new products or services, new offers, and exciting deals.


Just now open your email, and you will find a separate tab for promotional emails that will be full of emails from different companies.


These companies send a lot of emails within a day, week, or month.

It is one of the most effective ways of the email marketing strategy of most companies.


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According to a study, It is found that 49% of customers, like to receive promotional emails from their favorite companies or brands every week.



These are the few examples of promotional email marketing.

Special offer, holiday offers, event announcements, Upgrade emails, and so on.



Lead nurturing emails


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Do you know 69% of the marketer, the primary source of generating a lead is?

Of course, it nurturing emails.


Nurturing is the process of establishing a relationship between you and your audience in the B2B business.

That is owned by a professional organization or B2C business owned by a small businessman to build a relationship with their customers.


Building a relationship with your customers is very important before you try to sell or promote your product or services.

People don’t buy with logic, they buy with emotions.


Building a relationship with them is the step of building an emotion between you and your customers.


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Once a relationship is established between you and your customers, then nothing can stop you from selling your product or services to them.


Through the email marketing campaigns, you can automate the nurturing process of your audience or customers.


70% of marketers think that building a relationship with email, and after that selling, the product or services to the consumer is more beneficial for a business than selling directly to their customers.



Event invitation


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Email sent to your subscribers to announce an upcoming event like webinars, presentation, promotion, group or community get together, and so on.

And finally, convince them to attend that event is worth their time and business.


Event invitations emails allow you to get a personal touch or connection with your friends, community, and companies or brands by visiting that place.


These kinds of events give you a chance to learn something new from events like webinars.


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The main purpose of the companies for conducting this kind of event is to get in touch with their customers.

And know them on a personal level like their likes, taste, and preferences.



Announcement email


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An announcement email is a formal email that announces or declares information about a certain subject.

This email contains the detail of the incident and incident supposed to take place on a certain location and time.



Product update emails


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Many companies decide to send weekly or monthly emails to their customers about the latest product features or functionality updates, terms or policy updates, news updates, and so on.


This type of email marketing is done when the product is in the developing stage.

Because the product or services of the company changes as fast as the changing environment.


The companies get up to date with the product’s new features through the emails with their customers.


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Most of the people don’t want to receive or praise the product update email frequently.

Because it is not that much engaging.


That’s why it is important to keep this update email very simple and straightforward.


It should have large and clear headlines with a brief description.

And should only showcase the feature of the product which makes the customer easy to understand.



The success rate of email marketing?


Do you know email marketing gives the highest rate of return as compared to other forms of marketing?

Many marketers say that businesses can earn $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing.


It is very important to understand that the success rate of email marketing depends on the conversion rate of email marketing campaigns.


Before jumping to the success rate of email marketing.

Let’s first know what is the email conversion rate.


It refers to the percentage of subscribers who have a desire to become a customer depending on the conversion goal.


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Compute your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate (%) = of signups or purchases / of Successfully Delivered Emails X 100



The success rate of any email marketing depends on the conversion rate of an email.

And the conversion rate depends on many factors.


And those factors are.





Conversion of any email depends on the personalization of that email.

A personalized email gets more engagement than other emails that you and I receive in hundreds daily.


94% of marketers and brands say that the conversion of an email depends on how the messages or email has been personalized according to the audience or customers.


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Here personalization of emails means.


  • Asking the right question to the audience or customer
  • It should be related to their interest
  • It should have a personal touch, because people trust people, not on robots.
  • It should be delivered at the right time according to the customer’s time.
  • It should be stated forward not so sophisticated.
  • It should be an understandable and easy action takeable


Do you know 74% of marketers say that targeted personalization email increases customer engagement –  consultancy?

And 39% of online retailers send personalized product recommendations via emails –  Certona.



Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to open according to campaign monitor.



That the reason why you should always try to personalize every email for an effective email marketing campaign.

So that every email should be converted, not a single email should be wasted.



Subject line


Your email subject line matters the most whether your email will be opened or not by your audience or customer.

Whether your audience or customer will engage with your email or not.


Its the subject line which is first noticed by your audience or customer in their email inbox is opened.


Your customers only open those emails whose subject line is catchy and attractive to grab the attention of theirs.

The email subject line can boost the open rate of your email marketing campaign.


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Never use those words in your subject lines which indicate your email as spam to the spam filter of email providers like Gmail Yahoo, etc.


To improve or make your subject line catchy you can use number and emojis to your email which helps your customers to engage with your emails.



The subject line of your email should not be around 35-38 characters, keep it short in length.



Providing value


The success rate of your email marketing increases as you start providing the values to your audience through emails.


The more you provide values to your customers through emails, the more your audience or customers will look forward to getting more emails from you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Your audience will start trusting you and your brand as you start providing them value through your emails.


It will become easier for them to get to take action on what you want them to take.

These are a few ways through which you can provide value to your audience or customers.


  • Focus on the customers and try to understand them, show them you care


  • Somehow get them involved in your product or services, so they can feel that you needed them. Because the person who feels needed is assumed to be more valued.


  • Ask your audience short questions which can make them feel they are helping your business anyhow. 


  • Provide your audience or customer valuable things which are costly but you are providing them for free like PDF, e-books, webinars, etc.


By doing all such things you indirectly indicating that you value your customers and care about your customers.

Your customers will always stick to your product or services because they feel satisfied with you and your company.



Open and click-through rate


The open rate is the number of times your audience or customer opened your mail.


And the click-through rate is the percentage of a subscriber who clicked a link within your email.

Out of them, the click-through rate is the most important for lead generation.


If any of your audience or customer failed or does not take any action on the email you sent to them then that email is wasted.


The email is only successful when your audience takes action on it.

It is important that your audience should take action to make an effective email marketing campaign successful.



Email responsiveness 


Email responsiveness also plays an important role in an effective email marketing campaign.


You and I all open our emails on all the platforms like on desktop mobile and tablet devices.

If your email is not responsive then your audience or customers will hardly care about your emails.


It will be hard for your customers to open your emails on different platforms.


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If your emails are only compatible with the desktop then your mobile users will find it hard to read your emails.

And if your customer is willing to take action, they will not able to do that.


According to a recent survey released by Litmus,

Mobile has become the most popular device, with 42% of all emails being read on a mobile device.


Followed closely by webmail at 40%, and desktop with a respectable 18%.


Apple’s iPhone accounts for 28%, plus an additional 9% if you include iPads.

Your emails need to be responsive so that you never lose any of your customers due to device responsiveness.



How often you should send emails?


Timing plays a very important role when it comes to email marketing.

Click through rate for some industries is lower than 2%.


But you can improve by scheduling your email marketing campaigns.


Sending your email exactly when your audience or customer open or check their emails and wants emails in their inbox.

Some people like to get emails on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


It is very important to know when your customer wants your emails.


According to one research,

It is found that people hate receiving a promotional email.


They subscribe to emails that contain something beneficial for them.

It is found that 69% of users unsubscribe email due to too many emails they receive.



This is the number one reason why many people unsubscribe emails, get frustrated.


And finally, report as spam or just unsubscribe emails.

It is very hard to say how many emails you should send to your customer.


It depends on the factors and those factors are.



Nature of the product


The number of emails you send to your customer is dependent on the nature of your product or services.


For example,

If your company is a travel agency then you can’t send summer holidays package offers in winters to your customer.


 You can’t send Christmas wishes in the new year.


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The time should be correct to send the emails to your customers according to the nature of your business.

And it is also wrong to send an email of anything that is against the interest of your customer.


But if you run a website or blog that educates your audience on a specific topic then you can send emails to your audience on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.



Type of email


If you are running a news website, you can send emails to your audience regularly updating the latest news.


But you can’t send promotional emails every single day.

It depends on what type of your audience is and emails you are sending them.


Whether your audience is subscribed for daily, weekly, and monthly emails.


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Most of the time users unsubscribe the email because they get against their interest.


If you provide emails to your audience according to their interest, they want more emails from you, but you do opposite to that than getting ready to get unsubscribed from their inbox.


That’s why it is very important to keep a note that you should always send the right type of emails to your audience.



Level of  engagement


You want your audience to demand more emails from you than your emails should be more engaging.

People chase only those things that are interesting to them and find value in it.


Your audience is ready to read your email and also ready to take action if it is interesting and engaging.

Ultimately they get benefited or value from it.


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Without any benefit or value, none of your audience is going to get engaged with your emails.

But if they, then it will be hard for them to take action.


If the content of your email is high quality then your audience will love to get engage with your emails. 



Email marketing platforms and their cost?


Email marketing has a very high rate of return but the cost of email marketing is very less.


This channel of marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels in digital marketing.

To start an email marketing campaign you have to purchase an email service provider that can automate your emails to the list of your subscribers in one click.


 These are the software through which you can send thousands of emails to your list of subscribers at a time in one click.


And this is the cost which is incurred in running an email marketing campaign successfully.

Leave all email marketing work on this software, they will handle everything for you.


You don’t have to hire any other person to handle your email marketing campaign.

You can do everything with yourself, without any help.


Have a look at the list of software, features, and the prices that will be charged from you for running a successful email marketing campaign.





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For starting an email marketing campaign the first software that comes in everyone’s mind is Mailchimp.

It is one of the best software that offers the best services to their customers when it comes to email marketing campaigns.


Mailchimp says, find your audience, establish your brand from day one with Mailchimp all in one marketing platform.


It is a complete package for an email marketing where you can run your email marketing campaign successfully without any problem.


You can promote your business with different landing pages, postcard, email marketing, social media marketing, and digital ads and lots more on a single platform.

Here are their plans and features, have a quick look.


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Constant Contact


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Constant contact is another best email marketing tool that is serving its customers since 1995.

It is an amazing and most powerful marketing tool that makes everything easy for their customers to run an email marketing campaign.


The best thing about this software is that you can start with the software for free for a month.


Their editor makes it easy to customize an email template and design professional, mobile-responsive emails that look great on every device.


You can start with constant contact at a minimum price of $5/per month.

Take a look at their prices and features.


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This is another powerful tool that you will require for running an email marketing campaign successfully.

 This is also an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you in email marketing, SMS marketing, and chatting with your customers. 


This software also provides CRM services like building stronger relationships with your customers and keeping track of all the details about your customers in one place.


It also helps you in saving your time and boosting your performance by automating your segment and marketing messages through a marketing automation tool.


You can turn your visitor into your customer by launching different landing pages for sign up form, Facebook, retargeting.

You can get started with their free plan, take a look at the rest of the plans.


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GetResponse is an amazing tool for growing your audience, promoting your services, and selling your product.

When it comes to marketing, there will always the name of one software and that is GetResponse.


This is also all-in-one software for marketing tool which offers email marketing, automation, landing pages, and auto funnel.


Their plan is for one month, for a year and 2 years.

For 2 years of the plan, you will get an amazing discount from them.


Take a look at their plan and the most amazing feature that they offer.


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Convertkit is another email marketing software for your email marketing campaign.


You can grow your email list and income with this amazing tool.

Because they know how to run a successful business.


You can increase your conversion rate through their personalized automatic emails.


They have a great list of features like visual automation, customizable email forms, subscriber tagging and you can also integrate their services with 70+ other services as well as you can get any time support through their email and live chat support. 


They also have amazing prices to get started with for a monthly or annual subscription.

Have a look at their prices and features.


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How to run email marketing successfully


How to run an effective email marketing campaign successfully after you have launched one.

Because you are not only the company or person who is trying to increase your audience, don’t forget about your competitors.


Around 269 billion emails sent each day.



And the number is going above each and every day.

You need to understand how to run an effective email marketing campaign successfully.


You have to understand, what are the things you should do to grab your audience in the competitive market.

Let’s see how you can effectively run your email marketing campaign.



Build trust and list of audience


Do you agree with me that people listen to you when they trust you?


But before that trust, forget about anything.


It’s on you, how you develop a relationship with your audience.

People will always open your email and take action if they have trust in you.


Otherwise, no once care about your email. It hurts, but this is the truth.


If you become successful in building trust with your audience, it becomes easy for you to build an email list of subscribers too. 


Do you know 80% of people leave your website without subscribing to your newsletter?



Do you know why they do this?

It’s because they don’t know you and they don’t trust you.


Before building the list of your subscribers, you should first build trust with your audience. Provide value to them and after that accept anything to them.



know your audience 


Do you understand your audience?



It is very important to understand your audience.


If you fail to understand, you are failing to make a loyal audience, an email subscriber, and a paid customer.

You have to know your audience, what they are interested in, what they are liking on your site, and what they don’t.


How they engage with your product, what they feel towards your product, whether they trust or not, etc.


The better you know about your audience, the better you can build a relationship with them.

Email marketing only gets successful if your audience is with you to support your product or services.



Set milestone


You have started your email marketing campaign and doing quite well.


But after some time you realized that your email marketing campaign is not giving you anything in return.

And the simple reason behind this is, you didn’t make any goal to achieve from your marketing.


You just started an effective email marketing campaign, without setting goals or milestones about what you want from it and within what period.


Your goals and milestone could be like.

For what period you want to run a campaign, within what time you want your subscriber to turn into customers,


What is your ultimate target and how to achieve it, and how much you can invest in this email marketing campaign and so on?


Set goals and milestones.

And achieve those, if you want to run an effective email marketing campaign successfully.



Be genuine


Do you want to win the heart of your audience?

Do you want that people should love you and your content, business, and brand?


If yes, then be genuine towards them.


People love quality and genuine things, they don’t like any kind of spam.

I am sure that you also love genuine things. isn’t it?


If you show your audience that you are genuine towards them, you don’t promote fault things and people can trust you from their hearts.


Then I am 110% sure that your competitors can’t beat you easily.

Because your audience will be there for you to support you at any cost.


Always try to remain genuine and build a strong relationship with your audience.



Quick email marketing strategy


Marketing strategy is a process through which you can achieve your desired goal within a short period.


In this section, we are going to talk about the things you should do to make your email marketing more effective and can get more profit out of it.


A well-planned strategy is a roadmap that can take you to success quickly without doing a lot of mistakes.

And you can achieve your target easily.


These are the few points that you should remember while running an effective email marketing campaign.



Set marketing goals


The first strategy that you should make is, set a goal, target, or small milestone.

You can reach your destination easily within a short period.


These small goals and milestones make you motivated and help you achieve your target as fast as possible.


For example,

If you want to increase your customer engagement, Click-through-rate, or Open rate.


Whether you want to gain the trust of your audience, want to build a strong relationship, and want to make a loyal customer.

Or If you want to maximize your Rate of Return, profit, and sales.


Your target could be anything.

If you want to achieve it faster then you should break them into small milestones and goals.



Determine your target audience


The next strategy for your email marketing is to determine the target audience.


Suppose you have 10,000 subscribers, those who are using your product or services.

You launched an email marketing campaign and started sending emails to your audience.


I am sure that your ROI will be less, what it should be.


Because you have not thought about whether your audience is interested in or not.


What’s your audience’s interest, geographical location, time emails get converted more, the best day to send, and etc.

If you have an answer to all these questions, then you can be sure that you are targeting the right audiences.


But before that, you trying to trigger an arrow in the dark.

And hoping to hit on the target.



Schedule your emails


You don’t want to miss any chance of converting your audience into loyal customers or existing paying customers.


Scheduling an email give to a great chance to engage with your customer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis on the time.

The time that is loved by your customers.


With the help of schedule feature, you can engage every targeted audience based on interest, geographical area, and timing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.



Optimize and personalize your email


Every email should be optimized and personalized based on your audience’s interest.


You don’t want to send emails that are hard to understand by your audience.

Emails that have tough words, very small text in size and long paragraph, makes your audience feel boring to read.


This kind of email does not perform well.


You have to send emails that should be very easy to read and understand.

Your audience should love to take action and wanted to get more engaged with your content.


You can all achieve this after you optimize and personalize your emails.


Your audience should not get the feeling of an auto-generated email by the computers.

The emails should have a personal touch on it.



Monitor your all emails performance


Always monitor your emails sent to your audience.


You don’t want to start scratching your head for knowing what is working and what is not working.

Without tracking your emails you can’t understand your audience.


You can’t make any strategies for the future.


Don’t know the engagement level, click-through-rate, an open rate of your emails.

You can’t find where are you standing during an email marketing campaign.


To make better strategies, to improve the rate of return, increase engagement level, click-through-rate, open rate and to understand your audience better you have to monitor your all email marketing performance.





Through this article, you know what is an email marketing campaign, advantages of email marketing, and every doubt which can come in your mind.


What do you think about an email marketing campaign, it can boost your business or not?

Do you feel that email marketing is better than other channels of marketing?


Share your opinion on email marketing in the comment section below.