Every $1 you spend on email marketing, an average of $42 you can make. Through this email marketing statistics 2020, you can see different data and chart’s to explore the power of email marketing.


89% of marketers consider email marketing as a successful marketing strategy.

And 40x more effective than social media marketing.


Take a look at how you can make your email marketing more effective in 2020.


There are so many marketing channels you go for but why you should choose email marketing as compared to other forms of marketing.

So, let’s begin our statistics to know about what is happening latest in email marketing in 2020.


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In Conclusion


Here is the end of our statistic.

This statistic gives you a clear picture of why you should go for email marketing in 2020.


The first thing that everyone likes to do in the morning is to check their emails first.


People love to subscribe to email newsletters, like to get new offers and deals through emails. That’s the reason why 70% of consumers say that email will also exist after 10 years.


52% of responders say that email is their main communication tool.


What do you say about email marketing, what is your primary communication tool to communicate with your audience or customers mention down below in the comment box below.