No matter how many emails you send to your client. If you don’t have an email marketing strategy for your campaign then everything is useless.


You will never get success with the email marketing campaign. Because many times your client may not respond to your email.

They don’t have time to open it and go through it.


Most of the time when your client gets an email in their inbox, they will immediately delete it or marked as spam.


But you don’t want this thing to happen with your email marketing campaign.

To stop all things you need an email marketing strategy that will help you succeed with your campaign.


In this post, we are going to pick some important points that can help you build an amazing email marketing strategy.

Here we go!



1. Send a welcome email


A welcome email is the first email sent to your customer, subscriber, and prospect.

74% of people look for welcome email after subscribing to an email list of a company.


Welcome emails are 86% higher open rates than other marketing emails. Ans subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33% more long term brand engagement.


Here is an example of welcome emails.


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Example 1


This is the very simple welcome email sent by Feedly. No images and no fancy design.

A simple message for saying ” Thank you for joining Feedly! “.


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Example 2


This is the welcoming email received from MEGA, thanking you for joining their services.

Helping to get started with the services and some warning.


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Example 3


This is another welcome email from Poptin that welcomes their new users.

And help to create the first Poptin.


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Example 4


This welcome email is sent by, which is thanking for joining

Giving amazing things to users that help better with their product.


This is how a welcome email looks like.


Welcome email set the expectations and the first impression of your brand in front of your subscriber.

What your brand is and how it can help your subscriber with the email they subscribed to.


Welcome emails capture the attention of your subscribers for upcoming emails. It is found that the welcome emails have a 10% higher read rate than other marketing emails.


That’s why send a beautiful well-designed but simple welcome email to your new subscriber and hook them with your brand.



2. Personalize messages


When marketers and brands use subscriber data within their email content to make the subscriber feel like this email is a personal email created for him.

It increases the open rate by 26% and revenue by 760%.


The emails which have exactly these 3 main elements are called personalized emails.


1. Relevance – Send relevant content to subscribers in which they show a high level of interest to get engaged because they receive hundreds of emails per day which hardly opened by them.


2. On-time – Timing plays a very important role in email marketing. Your email open rate and click-through rate varies by sending an email at the wrong time. Learn the best time to send an email.


3. Personal – Any email that comes from another person is more trustful and valuable than what comes from any robot-based generated email. Add a person’s name inside your email to make feel more personal by the subscriber.


Take a look at a few examples of personalized emails.


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Example 1


In this example, you can see an email is started by saying “Hi” with my name. And this email contains all the information that I have provided to the HealthifyMe app.

You can see it says to “lose 12 kilos” to remain healthy.


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Example 2


In this example, you can see the email is started by saying “Hi” with my name but there no more personal information is there. This email is not completed personalized for me.



3. Segment audience


Audience Segmentation means diving people into subgroups based on defined criteria.

While launching an email marketing campaign these features help to target the audience based on geographic location, gender, age, income, and behavior.


Segmentation helps you organize contacts into smaller groups so you can give them what they want.


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You can learn how to distribute an audience with audience segmentation with Mailchimp: The Definitive Guide.

This guide completely makes you aware of what audience segmentation is and how it is done.



4. Use A/B testing


A/B testing is also known as split testing. This means comparing two versions of a webpage, app, email, or anything against each other to determine which one performs better.


It is an experiment where two or more variants of an email are shown to the users randomly and statistical analysis is used to determine which one performs better.


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Source: Campaign Monitor


Through this diagram, you can see how the email marketing campaign is divided into two variations A and B.

And Send these two variations to List subset 1 and List subset 2.


After running both the variation of the email campaign, variation B work better than A, that’s why variation B was sent to the rest of all email lists.

This is how A/B testing is done.


This increases the conversion rates of an email marketing campaign by testing different email campaigns at the same time.



5. Schedule email


To make your campaign successful and increase the conversion rate, the role of scheduling email can not be ignored.

Scheduling emails means sending your emails to send at a later time.


It will help you to avoid timezone trouble when your clients are in a different country.

To find the best suitable time to send emails to your clients, send emails only when the Click-through-rate of your campaign is higher.


This is how you can schedule your email with Gmail.


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This is how you can schedule your email with Gmail, but you can use a different email service provider.

Here is another example of scheduling your campaign with Mailchimp.


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Go ahead and schedule your email campaign to have an effective email marketing strategy.



6. Automate email


Sending an email every time to each of your subscribers is kind of a tough task to perform, it will be too much waste of time.


Email automation is a solution for performing these types of tasks at once.

You can create emails that reach the right person with the right message at the right moment without doing the work every time.


Segment your audience, personalize your messages, and start sending emails to each subscriber through automation.


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Here is an example of Mailchimp email automation.

With Mailchimp, you can automate your email by selecting different categories based on your requirement.


Automation of emails is a very helpful strategy when your subscriber’s list is huge.



7. Focus on feedback


Customer feedback is the information provided by the customer about the product or services.

You can get feedback from your subscribers through the survey and feedback forms.


This is an example of a survey email for feedback about the experience of mine with Shopify.


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Collecting feedback through email helps your business to open two-way communication with your subscribers.

Your subscriber can share their thoughts, opinion, and can give suggestions for the improvement of your product or services.


This feedback helps to improve your product or services and a better understanding of your customer’s needs.



8. Use power words


Power words are those words that evoke emotion and a response. It makes people the desire or need to respond to whatever you’re offering to them.


These words should be used in the subject lines of an email to make your subscriber take an action.


With the use of powerful words, you can make your subscriber open and click on all of your emails.

This is the cheat sheet of 100+ power words that you can use in your subject lines.


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Source: CoSchedule


These powerful words can trigger an emotion of urgency, excitement, exclusivity, and many more which make the people open your email and take action on that email.


Use your subject lines to increase the open rate and click rate of your email.



9. Never use Caps


Using all capital letters in the email subject lines are considered to be rude, and can be interpreted as shouting at someone.

That’s why you should never use all caps at once.


Capitalize the beginning except for minor words of the subject line. Over usage of capitalization in your subject line can trigger spam filters.


As it seems like bad manners when you use all capital letters in your word.


Usability expert Jakob Nielsen says that reading on screen can 25% slower than reading on paper and with all caps can be further 10% slower.


When you use all caps in a sentence, it feels like you are forcing to read that sentence. Don’t force your subscriber to read your subject lines.

Your subscribers should feel excited to read your email after engaging with the subject line of an email.



10. Trigger emotions


To make your email marketing campaign effective you should know how to trigger the emotion of your subscribers.


Whenever your subscribers receive an email from you they should feel excited, curious to open your email.


You have to trigger the emotions of your subscribers because people take action based on the emotions they feel.

If your email is failing to get an emotional response from your subscriber, then its open rates and click-through rates decrease automatically.


In 1980, Robert Plutchik diagrammed a wheel of eight emotions that most people feel.


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To make your email marketing campaign successful and effective, you should know how to trigger these emotions from each of your subscribers.

You can use these emotional trigger words in your email subject lines to boost your email conversions.


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To make your email marketing campaign effective always hit the right emotion of your subscriber.



11. A clear call to action


The main purpose of sending an email to your subscriber is to make them take an action on it.

This is the reason why you send it to your subscriber.


And the subscriber takes an action by clicking on a button, known as Call To Action (CTA) button.

This button encourages your subscriber to act on the email you have sent to him.


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This button helps your subscribers to understand the action you want them to take.

An email without a call to action is like an island without water. Without it, your subscriber or customer can’t fulfill the desired result.


There are many different types of call to action are there for different situations such as.


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Source: Campaign Monitor


For different types of email marketing campaigns, different call to action button is required.

You should always be clear with the goal of your email marketing campaign and the call to action button you want to use.


The more clear your call to action button will be the more click you will get from your subscribers.



12. No fancy designs


You will never release that fancy design for your email marketing campaign that can hurt your business.

When you start using fancy design for your email marketing campaign, you start losing focus on your content.


The main motive of sending an email to your subscriber is to educate them about your product or services and the various stuff within your niche.

Take a look at a simple email marketing campaign.


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This email is sent by Neil Patel which is very sweet, simple, engaging, and easy to understand.

People only want to engage with emails that provide value to their life without wasting too much time analyzing and understanding.


Simple, plain text emails are more likely to get delivered into a primary or update inbox.

But fancy emails are automatically filtered as spam in the spam folder of the inbox.


By the way, you should email your subscriber like your email to your friend then only your email marketing will be effective and successful.


The fancy design of your email can’t improve the content of your email.

You have to stay more focused on the content not on an over-designed (overuse of images ) email to get more clicks and increase more sales.




Here we end our list.

These points are only useful when you have a quality email list. For getting your campaign successful you need a list of people who are genuine and trustworthy.


Then only this list in your email marketing strategy will work like a charm.


Consider all these points in your email marketing strategy and get the results.

Mention down below which point have you added to your email marketing strategy to get better results.