Do you think the keyword research important for your website to get ranked on the Google search result page?

What’s your answer?


If yes, then how to find the best keyword for your website SEO, so that you can rank better in the Google search result page.

Which are the keyword research tools that you can use for keyword research?


How to know your competitor’s keywords used by them to get ranked in search result pages?


There are lots of questions that may be popping up in your mind.

And if you are new to content marketing then check out the ultimate beginner’s guide to content marketing strategy.


Every day Google algorithm changes and it might also change in 2020, so that’s why it is very hard to predict that what is working yesterday is also going to work tomorrow.


Your old method or technique can vanish If Google algorithm changes in 2020.

So what is the best way to do keyword research that will work today and tomorrow, in 2020?


In this article, you will find the best FREE keyword research tools, that can be used for keyword research.

And also to find your competitor’s keywords and strategies used by them to get ranked in the search result page.


But before going deep down in this article, let’s have a quick overview of what are keywords and why it is important for SEO?



What are the keywords?


In simple words, every word or phrase which are used by the people to find a specific topic on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The word or phrases is also called a Search Query or Keywords.



Why keywords are important for SEO?


It is important for SEO because through keywords anyone can find your website online, it helps people and search engines to find your website in the huge crowd of websites and you can get the organic traffic with the use of keywords only.


You can attract more customers or audiences to a website if you have used correct keywords on your website.

Without correct keywords, it is very hard to drive organic traffic to your website.


That’s why it is so important to have the correct use of keywords on your website to have better Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ). To make people click on your website through the search result page.


But the point is how to do the keyword research in the best way so that you can grab more organic traffic to a website.


Let’s get started and learn how to do keyword research for SEO in 2020  for your website or blog.



Title of your content


Can you do keyword research if you don’t know the topic of your content?

It will be very hard to begin any work without knowing the title.


So, that’s the reason why you should first decide the topic or title for your content on which you are going to create your masterpiece.


But what are the easiest way of doing keyword research?

The easiest way means which can save you a lot of time and can be more effective from the SEO point of view.


You can create your content as much as faster as your average speed and can bring a lot of organic traffic to your website.

Keyboards that can increase your site authority and page quality.


There are many ways of doing Keyword research but this is the easiest way of doing keyword research in a few hours.

 Through this technique, you can search a relevant and most effective keyword within a short period of time for absolutely FREE.



Keywords relevant to your niche


This is the beginning of your journey from where you start searching for keywords.

 If your website or blog is about cake, then your keywords should be related to cake only not shoes or games.


You should choose keywords related to your post or content, it should not be different from the topic on which you are going to create your content.


Your keyword should be long-tail or phrase so that it will be easier for the search engines and the people to find your website on the internet.



Find ideas


Once you have decided the title of your topic, on which you are going to create the content, now it’s time to do deeper research about the topic.


In this step, you have to explore what people are searching for related to your topic which you have picked for creating content.

You don’t want to create any kind of content which people are not searching for, it will be an absolute waste of your time and the content.


What is the meaning of any creating content if nobody wants to learn about it.

This is the reason why we are doing the keyword research so that we can know what people are willing to know.


This article is about How to do keyword research for SEO in 2020 for FREE, so we are not going to discuss paid keyword research tools like Ahref and other keyword research tools.


You can find all keywords by using the keyword research tools which we are going to discuss in the below paragraph in this article.


Now it’s time to use the keyword research tools, to research the keywords and more ideas on the topic you have selected for creating content.



Use keyword research tools


These are the tools that we are going to discuss in this article.


Google Suggest


Google Keyword Planner

Answer The Public


Let’s uncover each of these tools one by one and find how these tools can help you in choosing the best keywords for your content.

So let’s get started with Google Suggest.



Google Suggest


It is the another best feature of the Google Search Engine, which suggests people while they are searching for any query.

This featured was launched by Google in the year 2007, and today it is most popular among the people.


When any person starts typing their query in the search bar, Google autosuggest starts showing different queries other people searched for according to the query you are typing now in the search bar.

This feature is very helpful for ordinary people, marketers and for content creators.


But how this feature is useful for the content creators? How to do keyword research with Google Suggest?


Open Google search in your web browser tab or you can also use the search bar of your browser if your search setting of the browser is set to Google.


Type a query or your topic in the search input. And in the bottom dropdown modal, you will start getting the suggestions from google relevant to your topic.




In the above image, you can see how Google is trying to predict the result related to your topic.

This auto-suggested result is based on what people have searched for related to the topic of what currently you are searching for.


 Once you hit the ENTER button, the Search result will appear in front of you.




Below the search box of the search result, you can see that about the results and the time taken to show the result of your query.


Google shows the number of resources and how many search results are there for the topic you are searching for.

If the number is higher the more you have to struggle to get ranked in the search result page for this topic or keyword.




As you scroll down the page you can see a box with People also ask section where you can find different questions that people have asked related to this topic.


 There are lots of question-related to this topic which Google automatically suggested to explore if you want to know more about the topic.


If you reach the bottom of the result page you can find Searches related to this keyword you have searched for, suggested by Google.




These are those keywords or phrases searched by many peoples like you.


You can explore more keywords for your content like this and add or include it inside your content.  By using Google’s suggestion, you can know what exactly people are thinking and searching related to this topic.


Through the number of search results, you can know the competition for this keyword, whether it is competitive or not.

You can also find more keywords ideas and questions that people are asking and wants an answer, with the help of GoogleSuggest.


Google Suggests is the best place to do keyword research for FREE. you are never going to disappointed with it.





Do you know Neil Patel? And his popular website

That place is the treasure of marketing resources like daily podcasts, videos, high-quality article and free tools to use.


Among many tools, there is one that is very popular and loved by many people and that is UbberSuggest, All-in-One Traffic Analyzer, SEO Analyzer, and Keyword Research tool.




With the help of this tool, you can find new keyword ideas, content ideas, analyze top pages and find keywords of that page, audit and find backlinks of the website.

To use UbberSuggest, go to and from the bottom of the page click on tools and select UbberSuggest to reach the UbberSuggest tool.




Or directly click on this link to reach that tool. UbberSuggest

Once you reach there, you can enter a domain or keyword in the input box and hit the enter button.

After, few seconds results will popup in front of you.




For example, I have entered as a domain name.

In the above image, you can see the list of the information offered by this tool about the domain.

  • Organic keywords
  • Organic monthly traffic
  • Domain score
  • Backlinks
  • Top SEO pages
  • SEO keywords


But, as you enter keyword or phrase you can see information related to that keyword.

For example, I am entering What is SEO as a keyword.




You can see in the image, what information you will get if you enter any keyword or phrase in the search input box.

And the information that you will get is.

  • Search volume
  • SEO difficulty
  • Paid difficulty
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Keyword idea suggestions
  • Related keyword ideas
  • Questions
  • Comparision
  • Page title URLs
  • Estimate monthly visits
  • Backlinks
  • Shares on Facebook and Pinterest


You will find a lot more information once you start exploring the tool by ownself.

If you want to explore more specific keywords from Keywords Suggestion, click on that keyword.




As you click on that specific keyword, you will find that keyword Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) website links, estimated visits, domain score, and social shares.

The best feature of this tool which is Export To CSV and Copy To Clipboard


This is the UbberSuggest tool which is used by millions of people on a daily basis to research keywords before creating content for their website and it is totally free till now.


If you really want to experience this tool then visit the website and explore this tool by yourself.



Google Keyword Planner


Our next keyword research tool is the Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool offered by Google.

You will require Google Ads account to access this tool if you don’t have one then go ahead and signup for a new Google Ads account.

Once you sign in into your Google Ads account. Click on Tools & Settings from the header of the page.




To reach on Google keyword planner, Click on Keyword Planner from the dropdown box.

As you click on that option, you will be redirected to the tools page.




 In the image, you can see how Google Keyword planner looks like.

 Through this tool, you can discover new ideas that can help you to reach people who are interested in your product or services.

And get both search volume and forecast for your keywords,  find how a specific keyword will perform in the future.




I have clicked on Discover new keywords, you can see the above image.

Write down your keywords or the title of your content in the Start With Keywords tab. As you enter your keywords press GET RESULTS button.




This is how the result will pop up in front of you for the keywords you have provided. From the top of the page, you can see the options to filter your data based on.

  • Location
  • Language
  • Search networks
  • Last 12 months


As you move a little bit down, you can the tabs to broaden your search results and below this tab, the number keyword ideas available for this search item.


You can see average monthly searches, competition, ad impression share and top of page bid for the keywords you have provided and ideas offered by this tool.



Answer The Public


This tool is best for content marketing and for the latest keywords which directly extract data from Google engine which can attract organic traffic to your website.


Helps in knowing what people are searching through Google search,  this tool works the same exactly how Google Autocomplete or GoogleSuggest works based on the predictions.



This tool tries to predict the question that is asked or searched by the people on Google search.


Once you visited the Answer The Public website, you can enter your keywords in the input search box.

After doing that enter the Get Questions button.



Once you hit the Get Questions button, after a few seconds report will be in front of you.

You get a complete list of questions that people are searching for related to the keywords you have entered.


You can see that I found 190 questions, 120 prepositions, 96 comparisons, 517 results based on alphabetical order and 20 related questions for the keyword SEO.


You can explore all these data in two formats i.e visualization and data



This is the visualization form of presentation of data, which distribute all result based on the question people ask in the form of Why Which How What Where and etc.

Data is presented in the form of tree branches, which start from one place and spread in a different direction.



This is another representation of data in the form of simple text.

These data are very easy to understand.


The best part of this tool is that you can download the data in image format by clicking on the Save Image button.

This tool is free to use but, some features are exclusive for the pro members like a comparison of data, unlimited searches and so on.





These are the few tools that you can use in the incoming year 2020 to do keyword research for absolutely for FREE.

These tools or techniques are for those people who don’t want to pay for tools like Ahref, SemRush and etc tools.


But want to do better keyword research so that they can also rank in the search results of Google and can create amazing content which people want to consume and want to learn more.


Through these tools, you can do keyword research in less than 30 minutes without paying anything to any paid tools on the internet.


Which tool did you like to use most to do keyword research before creating your content? Express your opinion in the comment box below.