While doing SEO, most of the time I think how SEO and SEM can work together to boost my website traffic, revenue, and sales.

I am quite sure that you may be also thinking about this. isn’t?


In most cases, It is found that many companies, brands, and marketers either use SEO or SEM for generating website traffic, leads and sales.


Hardly they use SEO and SEM together.

But now many marketers and businesses recognized that they can combine these two methods to increase their profits.


I can feel your curiosity to know more about how we can use SEO and SEM together.

Let’s take a look at how we can achieve this.



What is SEO & SEM


how search engine marketing and search engine optimization appear on google search result page (SERP)
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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) – It is the process of using different methods and techniques to improve your website ranking on search engine result pages ( SERP ).


Improve in your website ranking attracts more audiences towards your website through search engines for free.

And this free traffic ( Organic traffic ) that your website receives because of SEO.


This organic traffic is free but you have to invest a huge amount of time and energy, and you will see the result after a long period.



Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) – This is a paid advertisement shown on search engine result pages (SERP).


These ads appear on certain keywords targeted by an advertiser on search engines.


how ads appear on google search result page (SERP)
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Search engine marketing has the same importance as search engine optimization for any online business.

But the difference is only one, SEO is for FREE and SEM is Paid.


Now let’s see how SEO and SEM work together.



Combine SEO and SEM


It is seen that both of them revolves around the keywords, whether you are doing SEO or SEM, keywords are the most important thing in both cases.


It is proven that keywords are the roots of SEO and SEM. This is how you can combine both of them.


  • Test new keywords
  • Optimize keywords
  • Increase visibility and authority
  • Make smarter decisions


Let’s break down each point one by one.



Test new keywords –


Whether you are doing SEO or SEM, it doesn’t matter in both the types of marketing you will require to do keyword research.

It is essential, you can’t escape or ignore it.


To rank on the search engine result page, you have to do keyword research.

And in this situation, SEM can save your lot of time and energy.


Do you want to know how?


google keyword planner search query report
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As when you target a specific keyword with SEO, you are not sure that this will rank or not.


This is the time when SEM is very helpful.

Just choose the targeted keyword that you want to use for SEO, place PPC ads for it.


And monitor the results show it’s performing.


If you see that this specific keyword is performing well then go ahead and use it for SEO, and if it does not shows good result then don’t use it for SEO.


This is how to can combine SEM and SEO to increase your website traffic and for testing purposes.



Optimize keywords – 


After testing your keywords with SEM, you can use all keywords for optimizing your SEO results.


By using all these keywords you organically increasing your website rank in search engines result from pages.

With the use of these tested keywords create content that your audience and as well as search engine loves and appreciate.



Increase visibility and authority –


You get visibility and authority of your website by having content on it.


Content that attracts visitors and search engines.

Content helps to gain more authority and visibility by search engine result pages.


SEO works for your website when you have high-quality content.

Focus on creating content that satisfies your audience.


Use all tested keywords in your content to make every content rank in search engine result pages.



Make smarter decisions –


With the help of both SEO and SEM, you can make smarter decisions by tracking down the metrics.

SEO and SEM can work together on one analytics tool such as Google Analytics.



Click-Through Rate ( CTR )


It is the number of clicks that people end clicking on your ads.


This is how it is calculated.

Clicks ÷ Impressions = CTR


Each of your ads and keywords has its CTRs.

Suppose you get many impressions but few clicks then your ads and keywords are needed to be adjusted.


But if the ratio of impressions to clicks is good, then this is keyword is worth it for SEO.


The average click-through rate should be about 2.5%.



Conversion Rate


It is the percentage of visitors or audience to your website that converts depending on your business goals.

These goals can be such as.


  • Product purchasing
  • Form submission
  • Downloading
  • Newsletter signup
  • Engagement


These are the few goals that determine your conversion rate if completed within a specific period decided by you.

This is how the conversion rate is calculated.


Click conversion rate = (converting visitors / total visitors) * 100%


Check your google analytics metrics to analyze your conversion rate and plan your goals for your business and see what is the conversion rates you are getting.



Bounce and Exit Rates


When the visitor leaves your site as soon as he/she enters within a minute, that is called a bounce rate.

And when people exit your website after landing on your page than it is said to be exit rate.


Through this image, you can more clearly understand the difference between them.


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You can use SEM keywords to determine which keywords lead to a high bounce rate and exit rate.

With metrics, you can compare the results and test different keywords until you don’t get a good keyword.


Sometimes the bounce rate and exit rate are high because of not having enough content on your site, poor user interface, and landing pages to hold your visitors for long.


Improve all those pages that increase the bounce and exit rates.



Average Session Duration


It is the average amount of time users spend on your website.

The best average session duration is between 2-3 minutes.



This average session duration helps you to compare the session duration when people come in through SEM and SEO on your website.


This clearly shows that whether keywords you have used for SEM or SEO are working well or not.

You can increase your average session duration by adding images, videos, making your content easy to read and understand.



In conclusion


With the help of SEO and SEM, you can increase your business profit by increasing your website traffic.


These are the two most used methods to attract visitors to your website.

Implement both of them together for and in your content to increase the rate of your success and profit of your business.