Social media has changed the way how we connect with other people. You don’t believe me, take a look at these social media marketing statistics to know how social media has joined us all together.


Today, more than 3.8 billion active people are on social media platforms.

And this number is increasing by 321 million new users since last year.


On social media every one from different countries, gender, language, religion, age, businesses, brands, and celebrities are present.


It has removed every boundary between the people when it comes to connecting, sharing, and engaging with each other.


It is hard for you and me to figure out the power of social media in 2020 without the facts and figures.

That’s why we created this infographic to show you the data on social media.


Take a look at these 28+ social media marketing statistics 2020.

Find which platform people use more based on geographical location, gender, and content.


And where people love to spend their time more.


Which platform is more popular among the people.

What are the benefits of social media?


Let’s begin the journey.


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So, here we are at the end of our infographics.

Through these data, you can understand how much social media is being used in 2020.


This platform changes every day in terms of features, users, and policy.


These data are not permanent. After 6 months everything could be changed.

People are just addicted to social media whether he/she is marketer, youngster, and professional.


No one can live without social media in 2020.


Can you spend a single day without social media, how much time do you spend and what do you share on it more photos or videos.


Whats do you love more about social media and how its changed your life?

Comment down below to share your thoughts and opinion on social media.