I can understand how tough it is for beginners who are trying to do social media marketing. These 8 social media marketing tips for beginners can boost the speed of your marketing.


Beginning states are tough for beginners whether you want to build your brand, drive traffic to your website, want more followers, searching for customers and so on.


At the beginning of social media marketing, you will face many challenges and doubts. You may get crazy with these types of questions like :


  • Which platform I should focus more
  • How to gain more followers
  • What content I should share
  • How much content I should share
  • How to reach more audience


These are the doubts you may have while you are a beginner in social media marketing.

In this post, I will try my best to resolve all your doubts in the beginning stages of social media marketing.


Here, you will learn what you should do, what mistake you shouldn’t be repeating, how you can move faster in the way of gaining more followers and how you can build your brand faster in less time.

These 8 social media marketing tips are exactly what you need as a beginner.


Shall we begin? Let’s go




Decide one platform


You already know that there are many social media platforms on the internet. And most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest.

As a beginner I am pretty sure, you have started with all the platforms at the same time. isn’t?


You may have signed up on all these platforms and struggling for getting more followers, likes, and shares.

This is the first mistake that many businesses or social media marketers do in the beginning stages.


And in the end, they left out with the frustration, anger, disappointment and start losing hope. This is not the correct path for beginners.


You have to win each platform audiences one by one. Choose only one platform first to establish business or brand according to your niche or customer.



For example,


Facebook –



Facebook is only one social media platform that has billions of active users per day. People use this platform to connect with their friends, families and to build strong relationships with other peoples.


This platform is best known for connecting and sharing with people. As a marketer or business owner, the only reason for using Facebook should be to build a relationship with people, make an existing and new loyal customers and to reach a large number of the audience around the world.


If you have these types of motive than Facebook is beneficial for you.






Twitter is one of the another best platform for building awareness of your brand among the people. With the help of hashtags, you can search for a topic, people, photos, videos and so on from anywhere.


This hashtag feature helps you to get a realtime update of anything that you like and love. Find what people are talking about in the world.


Twitter offers insights into what topics are trending, what people are more sharing, be the first to know your favorite brands and celebrities tweets.


If you want to remain in trending and updated with the latest happenings around the world then Twitter is the best platform for you.



Instagram –



Instagram is another product by Facebook. But Instagram is different from Facebook. On Instagram, you can share photos and videos with your friends.


This platform is fully crowded by the young audience of about 1 billion monthly active users. As a result, this platform works really well for visual-based businesses, like art, food, retail, and beauty.


If you create visual content or like to take a snapshot in your daily life then Instagram is for you. Share your photos and videos with your audience and build a brand in terms of values.






Linkedin is the platform for professionals, businesses, and companies. With Linkedin, you can connect CEOs, founders, business owners and professionals.


You can build your brand and company on Linkedin. It has more than 645 million users in more than 200 countries.


Linkedin is the 2nd most popular platform among B2B marketers.


If your objective is to target the business owner, companies, professionals and want to build your network in this area, then Linkedin is the best choice for you.






Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.

From the web, you can pin amazing images and videos on the board of Pinterest.


This platform is dominated by women. 70% of Pinterest users are females. If you want to target the females of this world than Pinterest is the platform for it.


According to Pinterest, 84% of weekly users decide what to purchase with the help of Pinterest. If you want to promote your brand and want to generate leads for your website, then there is no better platform then Pinterest. Just pin your product.






YouTube is a video-sharing platform where people share their videos all around the world. It has 2 billion logged-in monthly users.

YouTube is used by every age group of people.


From a business or marketer point of view, if you want to target the audience through video, then YouTube is the best choice in this criteria.

62% of businesses use YouTube to promote their business through video content.


Before starting any kind of social media marketing for your business, decide what type of audience do you want to target i.e B2B or B2C and through which type of content do you want to promote your business.


Do you want to reach a large number of audiences or want to build a brand, whether you want to create brand awareness?

Before jumping on any of these social media platforms you should decide everything and after that, you should sign up on these platforms.



Follow people in your niche




Connecting with people in your niche is very beneficial for you and your business in the beginning stages.

By connecting with people in your niche, you get the opportunity to expand your networks.


On social media platforms, followers and influencers are very important, and it is more important if you are totally new and no one knows about you.


By following the influencer and engaging with them in any kind of conversation, you are securing your position on that social media platform.

Other people will start noticing you, this way you can build your brand and can expand your brand awareness among the people in your niche.


If you are a beginner and you don’t know who is the top influencers in your niche, then how you will find them?

These are few tips for searching the top-rated influencer in your niche.


Search hashtags –



Hashtags are the best way to find anything on a social media platform. You can search for any topic, interest, and people.

You can use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest.


On all these platforms you can search for anything with the help of Hashtags. Always try to search for specific hashtags whenever possible, because with most specific hashtags you can attract a more targeted audience, who used the hashtags at anyhow.


Hashtags are a great tool for social media platforms to communicate, engage and target specific audiences.

You can use hashtags to find the influencer or people who are engaging in a specific topic.



Search industry –



Searching for the industry is also another way to find people. Enter your industry name in the search bar of any social media platform and you will see the list of people within that industry.


These are the people who have similar interests to yours. Try to contact and engage with them. This will help you to get to know the industry and increase the chances of getting a collaboration with them.


Collaboration is the best method to boost your marketing and network with people.

Try to collaborate with nano influencers in your industry. which is easy to do as compared to professionals, macro influencer and celebrities.



Use tools –



Finding influencers and other peoples in your industry or niche, topic and interest become very easy with the help of these tools. And these tools are follower wonk, buzz sumo, TweetDeck and so on.


These tools help you in finding bloggers, influencers, companies, journalists and so on on the basis of any topic and interest.


You can find all people from all the social media platforms who have a similar interest in the specific topic you have searched for. Browse their profiles and follow them back.



Optimize your profile



The profile is the first thing that gets noticed by the people on any platform. Most of the time people judge the person and brands by their profiles.


This profile also appears in the Search Engines Result Pages when someone searches for your name.


By optimizing your profile you do not only increase your brand value in front of your followers and other peoples. But from an SEO point of view, you are boosting your profile page in search engine result pages.


Optimizing your profile is a very easy task to perform and can be done within no time. You just need to check all these points in your profile.


  • Use your real photo or brand logo as a profile photo
  • keep a short or easy to pronounce username for your profile
  • Complete your bio or details about you or your business
  • Fill all rest of the details or fields required



Share quality content



The best way to get more followers in the beginning stages of social media marketing is by sharing high-quality content with your audience.


Your content should be unique and creative. People just love videos, images, and infographics. Keep your audience in mind before you share your content.


Share content that makes your audience to comment on and get engaged. Which are informative but easy to understand.

Create and share high-quality content that can trigger emotions among your audiences.


Do you know why the most successful marketing campaigns went viral? because they sparked strong emotions among their audiences


If you get successful in sharing such types of content than you can move more faster than you can think at the beginning of social media marketing.



Be regular



Social media is the place where people visit to catch the latest happening among their friends, relatives and the people around the world.


This is the place where people come regularly to learn something new. Where people post millions and billions of posts every single minute.


For that same reason, you also have to be regular on social media to get engage with your audience. When you are regular on the platform than only you can make connections with your audience if you are not regular then it will be hard for your audience to catch up with you and your brand.


This increases brand awareness and visibility. When people see your brand more, they want to get engage with your brand more.


The more active you will be, the more traffic on your website will get. Higher SERP rankings, better conversion rates, build credibility, authority, and goodwill.


If you want to connect with your audience on a deeper level and want that your audience should trust you and your brand then you have to be regularly on that platform.



Engage with the audience



The social media platforms are built for sharing and connecting with people. And people’s engagement is the core of those platforms.


You can engage with your audience by following, liking, sharing, commenting and re-tweeting. There are many other ways to do so.


But why it is so important to do that? Do you ever think of it?

This gives the feeling of attention, important and caring to your audience.


By engaging with your audience you are showing them that you care about their opinion and thoughts, you are giving them important and you want to connect them on an emotional level.


And once you get connected with your audience on an emotional level, you make a loyal customer.


On social media platforms, no one knows anyone. By engagement and interactions, anyone can know their audience and can build trust and community.



Use hashtags



People find topics, interests, and people with hashtags. It is the best feature of all social media platforms to target the audience or any topic.

These hashtags create visibility for a campaign and help you to reach your target audience.


Hashtags are a great way of getting your audience to participate in your conversations. It can group your all post in categories, that make easier for your audience to find in a lot of content on these platforms.


Hashtags make it very easier to communicate with your followers. You can start a conversation with the hashtag and your followers can also participate in that conversation.


Through this way, you can create relationships with your followers. People love to post and engage with their favorite brands.


Hashtags give more exposure than your reach, followers and your target audience. People who don’t know about you and your brand can come to know with the help of Hashtags.


And with the help of many tools like HootSuite and Hashtracking you can measure your hashtags reach and impressions in a matter of clicks.



Use social media management tools



There are so many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and so on. These are all popular ones.

And managing all the audience of all the platforms are a little bit time consuming and hustling.


It becomes very hard for any business, brand and the people who have a large number of audience as a follower to get engage with and be more productive with all the platforms.


Here the social media management tools come into pictures which helps your business to manage all your social media profiles through one location.


Social media management tools help you in the following ways.


  • To keep up with social engagement
  • To manage multiple profiles and pages
  • To build customer relationship
  • Schedule all your post
  • Analyze social performance


These are the few social media management tools that you can use.


You can use any of those tools to manage all social media accounts from one location to become effective and productive in your business.



In Conclusion


These are allĀ  8 social media marketing tips for beginners. With these tips, you can charm the social media platform and can increase the size of your audience within on time.


Get more followers, connect with more people, build strong relationships with your audience as faster as you can with these tips.

Always remember if you want people should trust you and your brand, then always be genuine with them.


I hope you like these tips, which one is your favorite on this list mention down below in the comment box.