Social media is a part of every business marketing plan. And social media strategist is the one who makes a strategy for social media marketing for businesses.


You as a social media strategist has the responsibility of promoting businesses on social media platforms.


And also perform planning, developing, and implementing the strategy for businesses to improve the presence of it on the platform.


But to become a successful social media strategist you have to know some of these points.

That can boost your productivity on the platforms.


These are the few tips to become a successful social media strategist that you should take into consideration.

Here we go with our list.


Let’s get started!



1. Be creative


In 2019, an estimated 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide, and it is assumed that 3.43 billion people will be on the social media platform by 2023.


These data show that most internet users are on social media platforms.


And to capture the attention of millions and billions of people on social media platforms, you have to become creative.

Because social media platforms are very competitive, everyone wants to capture the attention of users as much as they can.


This is what most famous marketer Neil Patel has to say about how to become successful on social media platforms.



The more creative you will become on the social media platforms, the more followers will earn.

Social media platforms work best for those marketers who know how to capture the spotlight from others.


Be creative, and charming to get a spotlight on your brand on the social media platform.


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Source: Giphy


The fast-growing social media data shows that people are more active on social media platforms than other websites.


The faster you get success in building and growing your audience, the faster your brand will be established on social media platforms.


This graph shows why you should become a social media strategist to capture the attention of your targeted audience.


RF Intent Index
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Source: smart insights


There are all kinds of people are on social media platforms.

But through your creative strategy, you have captured your targeted audience.


These are the few creative ideas that you can use to get on the spotlight in your niche.



# Tell stories


62% of people say they have become more interested in the brand after seeing their story.

People find it more connected with brands when they are up to date.


Businesses can grow their audience by adding location, hashtag, poll, and selfie stickers to their stories.


Stories help to ask questions from the followers, bring traffic to your website, and can lead to sales.

For example,


Tell stories
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Nearly 1.7 billion accounts use stories daily.

And 59% of brands link stories to their shoppable page.


1/3 stories are viewed from the business.



As a social media strategist, you have to learn different ways of using stories to engage more with your audience.



# Use trending topics


As a social media specialist, you have to become first to make your content go viral on social media platforms.


You have to post those types of content that people are willing to see.

In other words, you have to do some kind of prediction. Isn’t it?


Which is nearly impossible or hard to do.


But you can use trending topics to get an idea of what others are reading and what could happen next.

This strategy is also known as trend jacking.


Many marketers, brands, and companies use this strategy to flow with trends to grab the attention of more audiences for a short period.


For example,



To become a successful social media strategist you have to keep an eye on the trending page of social media platform.


So that you can attract more audiences towards your brand.

Use trending hashtags, join trending conversations, and be part of the trend.


All these things help you to make a better strategy for marketing your business on social media platforms.



# Poll your audience


As a marketer, brand, and company, poll your audience helps to understand what your audience wants for your brand.


It allows people to express their point of view or opinion on certain questions or topics.

To better engage with the audience, to know about their taste and preferences you can use polls to interact with them.


For example,


Poll your audience
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This feature helps to develop the next level of understanding between your audience and your brand.


To become successful social media strategies you have to understand when to poll your audience and what question you should ask with them.


Social poll shows a clear picture of the thoughts of your audience.



# Create exclusive content


Exclusive content means those type of content that is not present anywhere especially on social media platforms.

Ask people to wait for a while to get this type of content.


This content should be available for an exclusive audience. It can be an exclusive post, video, and podcast.


To attract more audiences, get more followers, and build relationships with your audience use an exclusive content marketing strategy.


Exclusive or less available things are more valuable.


Your content will be promoted through word of mouth by other people.

This type of content goes viral and wanted more by people.


To become a successful social media strategist you should learn how to make exclusive content.



# Collaborate in live streaming


Videos are always better options than other types of posts on social media platforms.


It gets more engagement than other posts.

In the case of live streaming, it can grow your audience, reduces cost and at the same time you can interact with your audience.


Collaboration with other creators makes your live streaming video as exclusive content that’s attract a large audience towards your brand.


Live streaming helps you get instant feedback, and can form an intimate connection with your audience.


For social media strategists, it is important to go live stream on social media platforms to build that connection with their audience.



# Maintain suspense with short video clips


The goal of any marker is to make their audience hooked to their content.

What will be better than short video clips?


Suspense always holds people back until they don’t discover the ending.


In a study done by Facebook,

It is found that 6 seconds of video ads deliver an 11% increase in estimated ad recall and a 12% increase in return on ad spend.


271% increase in video completion rate over 30 seconds of ads.


This shows that short video performs better than long videos.

For example,



Create suspense with short video clips that trigger the thrill inside your audience.

To become a successful social media strategist you have to learn how to grab and hold the attention of your audience.


And there is no other better tool other than suspense which can hold the attention of your audience.


These are the few ways through which you can become more creative and can grab the attention of many people on social media platforms.



2. Master communication


Social media platforms are created to communicate with each other.

People visit social media platforms to communicate with their friends, family, relatives, and colleagues.


Social media platforms help to connect people and communicate their thoughts and emotions.


Master communication
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People love to comment, share, like, dislike, tweet, retweet, and so on.

These are the few ways through which people engage on social media platforms.


Twitter customers feedback
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To become a successful social media strategist you should know how to communicate with people.

Communication does not mean just about taking, posting content, sharing photos, and videos.


It means engaging with the people or audience through your post, messages, and comments.


You can use emojis, videos, GIFs, stickers, and so on.


To better engage with your audience you need to master communication.

Learn how to handle negative comments, dislike, and communicate your audience effectively.


In every situation, you should know how to move people and your business forward.



3. Engage with the audience


How to engage with your audience is the most essential skill every social media marketing strategist should know.


Every user of social media platforms engages with different types of content such as posts, videos, and photos.

You should know how to capture the attention of a large audience through your content.


Create that type of content that generates more leads, encourages people to share more, and can bring traffic to your website.

These are 11 unique ideas that can help you to engage more with your audience.


You should know how to use visuals and videos that can break the limit of audience engagement.

For example,



These types of content get more shares and engagement.

These are a few of them.


  • Breaking news
  • Practical advice
  • Behind the science videos
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • GiFs


You have to stand aside from all other social media marketers to grab more attention from your audience.

Be different from others, and get the spotlight on social media platforms.



4. Build a strong community


Community brings people together who have a common interest.

People with similar goals, views, likes, and dislikes.


Build strong community
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In a community, people listen to your words because every people in the community are like-minded.

This place is more effective when it comes to building relationships between members who are only interested in a specific topic or brand.


Here all people are in one framework and everyone is clear about the topic that is discussed in the community.



Listen to the words of Dylan Lundgren.

He is a poet, speaker, and individual in long-term recovery.


He talks about the power of the community that can change the life of other people.


To become a successful social media strategist you have to learn to build the community.

Where people trust your word and believe in you.



5. Take action on analytics


Every marketer understands how much analytics is important for businesses.


The result of analytics is transformative for both marketer and business owner.

It’s the only source of strategic marketing.


Without analytics, you cannot create a strategy, can’t monitor performance, and can not see the growth of the business.


Marketing leaders are 1.3x as likely to have a documented data and analytics strategy.


But most marketers failed to take action on analytic and fail to create a social media strategy.

This causes them to struggle with social media marketing.


These are the problems marketers face.


  • Struggling to prove ROI ( 61% marketers says )
  • Struggling to make better strategy and decision
  • Struggling to compete with competitors
  • Struggling to maintain efficiency
  • Struggling to understand the audience


If you regularly take action on your analytics data and change your strategy based on data.


You can save yourself from all of the problems you can face while doing social media marketing.

If you take an action on your analytic metrics at the right moment then you change the result of your campaign.


These are a few things that you change if you take action at the right moment.


  • Click-through rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Audience reach and location
  • Cost of campaign


To become a successful social media strategist you have to take action on analytics metrics.

You can’t ignore it.


And you can’t leave it after analyzing it. Take action on it to improve the ROI of the social media marketing campaign.



6. Use eye-catching content


Do you know a specific type of content goes viral on a social media platform?

Content that is genuine, relevant, and greatly appealing.


That’s the reason why photos, videos, and infographics are shared most.


Gets more on likes, comments, and love on social media platforms.

For example,



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Disney (@disney) on


This type of visually attractive post is very eye-catching.

It is very hard for someone to ignore these types of content.


To make your content more eye-catching you can do the following things.


  • Use high-quality graphics or videos
  • Be creative with headlines
  • Make it personal and easy to understand
  • Use emojis


With the help of these few tricks, you can increase the ability of your content to grab more audience attention.


On social media, graphic plays an important role.

You have, just a second to capture the attention of your audience until he/she scrolls down the page.


These are the 8 tips for creating eye-catching social media graphics.


8 tips for creating eye-catching social media graphics.
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Source: Venngage


As a social media strategist, you should know what to post and how to grab more attention from your audience.

It is the attention-grabbing platform and to become successful on this platform you should know how to create eye-catching content.



7. Create hookup lines


Hook up lines are those lines that are designed to grab the attention of the audience and make them connected with you for a long period.


Everyday many marketers and businesses use these hookup lines to grab the attention of the audience through ads.


Hookup lines are very personal and emotional that people can instantly feel connected and relate to it.

For example,



If the content of the post can trigger your audience’s emotions then that line is a hookup line.

These emotions can be any type like.


  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Amazed
  • Shocked
  • Fear


Content that can evoke emotions, that content gets viral and the audience gets connected emotionally with the content.


Most brands use hookup lines on social media platforms.

For example,

Is that a leaf or a fish?

Posted by National Geographic on Thursday, 9 July 2020


I am sure that you are going to play this video.

You became curious to know the answer to the question asked in the post. isn’t it?


This is how hookup lines are used by brands.

To become a successful social media strategist, you have to learn how to use these types of hook up lines.


So that you can grab the instant attention of your audience.



8. Consistency is the key


When it comes to a social media marketing or becoming a successful social media strategist, consistency is the key to achieve your goal.


You have to be consistent on social media platforms so that your audience can recognize your brand.


By being consistent you can grow your audience engagement and reach.

Take a look at Alvin Foo on twitter.


He tweet and retweet post within a few hours.


Be consistent
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Same as him and other social media marketers.

You also have to be consistent with your brand on these platforms.


People use social media platforms for 24/7.


The day when you stop engaging with your audience, they start engaging with other content.

That’s why you should always be consistent with your work.



9. Grow your network


The social media platform is built for connecting and engaging with people.

You can increase the reach of your audience by growing your network.


And you can grow your network on social media platforms through.


  • Engaging with other people’s posts by liking, commenting, and sharing.
  • Focusing on posting quality post
  • Being consistent with the content
  • Letting the network see the true nature of yourself


These are a few ways through which you can grow your network.

And growing your network is very important for your business.


The reason for that is.


  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Become more authoritative and credible
  • Speed up the brand growth


If you want to become a successful social media strategist, you have to learn to grow your network.

The more strongest network you have, the faster you can move peoples.





Here we conclude.


These are the 9 pro tips to become a successful social media strategist.

Which tip do you feel helpful?


Mention down in the comment section below.