Internet without search engines is like the universe without earth. search engine marketing (SEM) is very much important to gain identity on the internet.


Do you know 93% of all website traffic comes through search engines?



Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.



Google has captured 93.51% of search engine market share, Bing 2.45%, Yahoo 1.64%, and DuckDuckGo 0.44%.



Search engines are the main source of traffic for many websites.

This traffic includes Paid ads, organic search, and others.


And 68% of all website traffic comes from organic and paid search.



For example,

Forbes website traffic.


Forbes website traffic preview
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According to HubSpot,

The average person conducts 3-4 searches each day.


And 4 times peoples like to click on paid ads on google.


When it comes to digital marketing than it becomes hard to neglect SEM.

Because of every $1 you spend on google search and Ads,  you will make $8 in profit.


In this post,

We will explore why SEM is more important as compared to other channels of marketing.


We will find how SEM is more effective than social media, email, and other channels of marketing.


Let’s get started!



What is search marketing?


Before I start telling you about search engine marketing.

Let me show you the final result that you will get at the end of doing search engine marketing.


Here is how it looks.


How search engine marketing looks like
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Website results marked with Ads under red color rectangle are all result of search engine marketing.

And the rest of others under blue color rectangle are the result of search engine optimization.



There are two types of search marketing.


SEM:  This is the one that you can see on the top and bottom of the search result page marked with Ad, under the red rectangle. These are all the paid search results.


SEO: This is those websites that are not marked with Ad, You can in the middle of the search result page, under the blue rectangle. These are all organic result sort listed by google according to your search query.



One by one we will take a look at how search marketing helps business.

How these both are different from each other, and which one you should choose and why for marketing your business with search marketing.


Let’s move deep down to explore each search marketing.


What is search engine marketing?


When you pay money to any search engine whether it is Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

For showing your website at the top of every other search results then it will be called search engine marketing.


Here, how you can learn to do search engine marketing with Google Ads on google search engine.


Google ads type
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And this is how you can start a search engine marketing campaign.

Choose a goal for your ad campaign and select a campaign type.


Search engine marketing is also known as Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing.


What is Pay Per Cick
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This model of payment you have to choose when you will place your ads on the search engines.

Google Ads is the most famous and popular network for placing an ad on the internet by Google.


Create ads campaign
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By default, click is selected on what do you want to focus on in the bidding section of the ad campaign.


What is search engine optimization?


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the rank of your website in the search engine result pages.



What is search engine optimization
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Through SEO you can increase from positions 3 to 2 or from 2 to 1.

As you can see in the image above.


As much your website rank is higher, there will be more increase in chances when a visitor clicks on your website.


According to many research, the first page of Google search results page (SERP) gets more than 71% of website search traffic ( some say more than 92% ).

But it is sure than most traffic of search results are captured by first result pages.


Do you know why these website rank on the first page of the search engine result pages?



  • Quality content: All these websites have very high-quality content than other websites that rank in 2nd or 3rd result pages. This signals a search engine to rank the website above all other websites.


  • User Experience: We always find attractive to what looks beautiful to us. isn’t? Websites with beautiful design and amazing user experience, fast speed, and easy to navigate, will always be liked by users.


  • Optimization: To get ranked on the first page of the search result, your website should be optimized for search engines. Because the search engine is the one who will examine your website first to provide a position in the search result page.


Optimization of a website is done by SEO, so that search engines can understand your website and its content to rank your website on the search result page.


SEO is made up of two things.


  • On-Page SEO: This SEO is done on your website such as optimizing your title, description, URLs, heading, and so on.


  • Off-Page SEO: This done outside your websites such as building backlinks, social shares, and increasing website traffic.



Audit website
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Learn more about SEO and how to improve your SEO with a website SEO audit.


Now you know what is SEM and SEO are.

But what are the main difference between them?


Let’s compare them with each other.



Comparison between SEM and SEO


SEO and SEM are both done for search engine marketing.

And both of them are similar to each other.


We are now going to compare SEM and SEO, to know the similarities and differentiation between them.



The similarities between SEM and SEO


The similarities between SEM and SEO
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Increase website traffic


Both SEM and SEO are done to overrank another website in the search engine result page (SERP).

This also increases website traffic, leads, and conversions.


The main goal of SEM or SEO is to increase the click-through rate (CTR) and get more users on your website.


Results of SEO and SEM
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You can increase your website traffic with paid search through search engine marketing or with organic search through search engine optimization.


And search engines drive more than 300% of website traffic than social media traffic.



In both cases, you want to win the battle of website traffic against other websites through SEM or SEO.



Build brand


Do you know 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results?

It’s sad to say but I also do the same.



Building a brand is easy with SEM or SEO.


You can rank your website on the top of the page within a minute with SEM.

More than 26% of people like to click on a paid search that mentions a brand as they are familiar with.


Build brand with search engine marketing
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And with SEO, you can capture the snippet position of the search result that itself is very powerful for building a brand.

For building a brand and capturing a lot of audience on a search engine, you need featured snippets position.


As featured snippets steal the clicks from another website that appear in the search engine result page (SERP).



Required keyword research


keywords are the words or phrases, users use to search on the search engines.


And for doing SEM or SEO keyword research is required.


But the main difference between SEM and SEO keyword is intent.

SEM or paid search keywords more focused on leads and conversions.


On the other hand, SEO’s main goal is to drive more organic traffic to your website.


Keyword research with search engine marketing
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According to research,

70% of marketers believe that they get more organic website traffic, leads, and sales with SEO as compared to SEM.



Whether it is SEO or SEM, for targeting a specific niche or audience keyword research is very necessary.

As it helps to identify the best keyword to target that attracts more customers and audiences to your website.




Target specific keyword


You can target a specific keyword for PPC or paid search ads based on geographical region, language, gender, and budget for search engine marketing.


As well as when you are performing SEO, you can target specific keywords to rank your website for.


Googke keyword planner
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You should always try to target those keywords which have more average monthly search volume and less competition.


This is how you can choose the right target keyword for SEM.

You can also learn about how to target a keyword for SEO.



Exist on a search engine


It is the topmost similarity between SEO and SEM that both take place on search engines.

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization can be done on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go.


But when it comes to search engine then Google wins the game against all search engines.


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Source: Giphy


Everyone loves Google, and it is also clear that it dominates the search engine marketplace.

During 2019, Google processed 9.57 billion search queries.


And 62.19 billion times people visited on Google in 2019.



9 out of 10 times, SEO and SEM are done for Google.



Continual optimization


When you are doing SEM or SEO, everything is suspense for you.

You will not know how the ads will perform, and how much SEO can lift your website ranking and traffic.


You can get any result when you are doing SEM or SEO, you can’t perform any of that task and forget it.


Both of them require continual testing, optimizing, and monitoring.

So, that you can change your strategies if something goes wrong or don’t give a result according to your wish.


As well as everyday search engines change their algorithm.


It’s very hard to do anything kind of predictions while doing SEM or SEO.

Check out the latest algorithm change by Google.


That’s why you need continual optimization for your SEM and SEO to make everything work in the present.



Focus based marketing


SEM or SEO is completely focused based on marketing.

Both the channel of marketing help to connect the right type of your audience.


Through SEO you can target your audience with keywords but with SEM you can target your audience more deeply based on locations, language, interest, gender, and so on.


Both of them are very focused based marketing in their criteria.


Focus keywords
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SEO is also known for content marketing and vice-versa.

It focuses on long term goals.


But SEM focus to meet your short term goal.


Before implementing any of these marketing you need to be clear what goals you want to achieve.



Search engine marketing


The most common thing between SEO and SEM is both of them are part of search engine marketing or search marketing.


Both of them are used to increase the website traffic, leads, and conversion of any website on search engines.

SEO is all about increasing your organic website traffic by optimizing it for the search engines.


And on the other side, SEM goes beyond that.


It involves increasing your website traffic by paid ads ( PPC Advertisement ) on search engines.

Make sure that you will never confuse with SEO and SEM, both are search engine marketing performed on search engines.



The differentiation between SEM and SEO


The differentiation between SEM and SEO
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Whenever you do SEM or SEO, their visibility to the audience will be different.


With both of them, you can target your audience but when you are doing SEM, you can target a more specific audience based on there location, language, interest, and gender.


Visiblity of ads on search engine
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And when you perform SEO, you are targeting the audience but not specific as SEM.

With SEO, you are targeting your audience just with keywords.


Whenever your audience search for that keyword they can find your website from all around the world.





Whenever user clicks on your PPC ads ( SEM ), you have to pay for each click.

That’s why SEM is paid marketing and websites that appear on the top of SERP are labeled with Ads.


But on the other side, SEO is Free of cost, you don’t have to pay any amount to anyone.


Paid search cost
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Seo provides organic traffic to your website that is for lifetime from search engines but SEM will provide traffic until you pay for ads.


When you stop paying for ads, your website stops receiving paid search traffic.



Search results


It is very easy for you to recognize SEM and SEO websites on the search engine result page (SERP).

Whenever you see Ads beside any website URL, that result comes from SEM.


Ads Search results
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And when you will not see any Ad label beside a website URL, that is the result of SEO.

This how both the results are differentiated with each other and can be easily noticed by users.



Click-through rate


SEM and SEO, both marketing is done to increase the click rate on the website in search results.

The first result in Google organic search result has an average CTR of 31.7% and receive 10X more clicks by SEO.



As it is clear that SEO has a higher click-through rate (CTR) than SEM if you succeeded in reaching the first page of Google result page.


User clicks
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Source: Giphy


70-80% of users ignore paid search results as compared to the organic search results.

And SEO has 20X more opportunities of getting website traffic and click on the search engine result page than PPC (SEM).





You can see google Ads on top, bottom, and right side of the Search engine result page (SERP) with Ads and sponsored extension.

And SEO results appear in the middle of these ads ( between top and bottom ) of the search engine result page.


Ads Placement
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According to one statistic published by HubSpot,

60% of all organic click goes to the top three organic search results.



Higher the ad placement in the search result, the more click you can get on your website.

As the main goal of doing SEM is to increase your website traffic.





SEM returns your investment on Ads immediately from the point you launch your ad campaign.

It gives you results in the very short term.


And it will give you a result until you don’t stop your ad campaign.


If your ad campaign runs for a long period then you can also receive long term on return on your investment.

But SEO is like a marathon, that shows the result after a long period.


SEO takes time but gives a higher return on your investment in a long period.

SEO can take months or years to show the results.



Provide value over time


SEO adds value over time on search engines but SEM doesn’t do this.

When your content becomes old and starts ranking in search engines.


It adds more and more value to your website, increase your website authority, credibility, and start becoming brand after some time.


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Source: Giphy


But SEM is opposite to it. SEM is giving you results as long as you pay for it.

And when you stop doing that, everything is over.


You can’t stand long with the support of SEM but with SEO you can for so many years.



Marketing Type


Inbound marketing means when your customers come to you.

And outbound marketing means when you go to or outreach your customers.


Here, both SEO and SEM is inbound marketing because in both forms of marketing customers or audience comes to your website through search engines via organic search and paid search.


But SEM also comes under outbound marketing.

Because it allows you to target your specific customers based on interest, location, gender, and so on.


That is what you can’t do with SEO.


That’s why SEO is only inbound marketing and SEM comes under both form of marketing (inbound and outbound marketing).



Importance of search engine marketing (SEM)


These are the few reasons why it becomes very important for your business to do search engine marketing.

Here, we go with our list.



Instant  result


Till now you may have already realized that SEO is a long term strategy for any business.

But every business can’t wait to get success for that such long months and years.


In this situation SEM takes the charge, it has the potential to deliver the results immediately or instant according to your wish.


Instant  result
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Starting your ad campaign on the search engine is as easy as making noodles.

You can create your ads in minutes.


The moment you launched your ad that doesn’t take an hour to do, you will start receiving a huge number of potential customers on your website.


SEM comes under one of the fastest strategies for getting traffic to your website and targeted customers for your product or services.



Targeting local audience


SEM is mostly known for businesses and specialty local business.

Local business can target their customer from their surroundings at any budget.


SEM gives opportunities to local businesses to promote their product or services in the local market.


Targeting local audience
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You can create local campaigns that promote your store in local locations.

As well as you can link your Google business account.


You can learn more about local campaigns with Google.



Consistently traffic


The main goal of running an ad campaign is website traffic.

With SEM you can get website traffic as long as you pay for ads.


No change in search engine algorithms matters for SEM.


These ads can generate constant traffic for specific keywords and audiences for a long period.


Consistently traffic
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SEM can drive traffic when other channels of marketing fail when SEO does not work in the present.

In each condition, search engine marketing drives consistent traffic and sales for your website.



More earning less spending


What you will spend on ads the more return you will get back.

Ads are cheaper than the product that you sell.


For example,

You are selling an iPhone, clothes, shoes and so on.


Each cost of the product is 10x more than the ads you will run on the search engine.


More earning less spending
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According to a survey of 2017, it is found that 65% of small-sized businesses increased their PPC ads campaign as compared to 40% in the year 2016.



Increase brand awareness


According to Google, you can reach up to 90% of unique internet users with google Ads.

Do you know 50% of the audience click on the result if the brand name appears for multiple time in search results?


Increase brand awareness
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As people see your website on the top of the result even they don’t click on it but they will notice your brand.

This increases the chance of spreading the brand names between the audience.


People will notice your brand more than earlier.



Hold the first position


Search ads appear on the top of every search results in search result pages.

Whether it is display ad or shopping ads it appears on the top of everything.


Hold the first position
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As this increase 11.3% CTR on Google.

According to a search engine land survey, 49% of people say that they click on text ads, 31% on shopping ads, and 16% on video ads.



An average of 41% of clicks goes to the top 3 paid search results.




Rank between competitions


It is very hard to rank your website if your competitors are already ranked.

It is sure that with SEO you can outrank your competitors but ultimately it will take time.


But with SEM you can stand between your competitors by running an ad campaign.


Rank between competitions
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SEM is more effective to rank your website among your high competition.

Have a look at google case studies.


How Tripadvisor attracts travelers with price extensions to show hotel rates in its ads and beats its competitors.





Here it the end of this post.

These are the reasons why search engine marketing is important in 2021.


Now you know how search engine marketing can benefit your business.


With search engine marketing you have seen that how fast you can rank your website in search engine result page (SERP), similarity, and differentiation between SEO and SEM.


SEM is a short term player and SEO is a long term player.


But both are the part of the one coin that can rank any website on the search engine.

What do you think search engine marketing (SEM) is important or not.


Mention your thoughts in the comment section below.